Friday 25 February 2011

Ron Fraser on Christchurch

Dimwitted morons who are keen to find cause for disasters are two a penny, but apocalyptic control freaks have to be at the very bottom of the barrel. The Christchurch earthquake has continued to dominate news in New Zealand as the confirmed death toll rises. Bodies are still being pulled from the rubble, but the Bible-quoting carrion birds are already busy at work.

Meet Ron Fraser, a hack writer from an obscure high-demand sect known as the Philadelphia Church of God. On the sect's web site Ron relates the Christchurch tragedy to the PCG's idiotic doctrine of British Israelism and the lavish hagiography this group has built around a drunkard and moral reprobate called Herbert Armstrong.
It is not by dint of pure circumstance that Australia and New Zealand have been subject to great catastrophe over recent months. It is by design! Believe it or not! It is by the specific design of Almighty God... as our heavenly Father, He knows how to deal with His children!
Ron's god is a divine child abuser, and he knows how to bash and maim his offspring...
He inspired one of the basic laws of effective child rearing to be embedded in Scripture: “The rod and reproof give wisdom: but a child left to himself brings his mother shame” (Proverbs 29:15). That same principle applies to the way the Creator of humankind deals with His offspring (Genesis 1:27) when they go astray.
Yes, Ron's PCG god is also a real bastard.
God declares of the Anglo-Saxon nations that we are like sheep that have gone astray (Isaiah 53:6). Out of an overwhelming love for these people, the Eternal God simply reproves them by increasing the punishment on them for breaking His law. Much of that punishment comes in the form of so-called natural catastrophes. God will continue to bring such penalties on His people simply to draw their attention to the reality that they are out of step with His will. And He will do this till repentance occurs and they turn to their God for His help.
Ron's god is obviously pretty thick. All this punishment meted out to draw our attention to how we're out of step with his will hasn't exactly been successful. You'd think the old boy would attempt a more effective strategy. But no, he seems completely unable to progress beyond being a violent thug.
Why this succession of calamities on Anglo-Saxon nations? To gain the attention of the people — that they might question whether their own selfish way of life may be the reason for such catastrophes befalling them.
"Anglo-Saxon nations." That's the clue that clueless clots think their god is, like themselves, a respecter of persons; a heavenly child-beater who takes especial delight in knocking the stuffing out of his racial favorites.

I've got news for Ron, New Zealand isn't much of an "Anglo-Saxon" nation. I've yet to meet either Angles or Saxons walking down the main street in any New Zealand city - including Christchurch. Ron would passionately deny that his sect is racist, oh goodness gracious no! - but the proof-texted excuses simply don't wash. The PCG god is anything but color-blind.

But whenever has fact got in the way of a self-serving fantasy? Ron's god is a monstrous, petulant, nasty, brattish brute with acute anger management problems. Knock down some buildings, kill some babies, all in a righteous day's work. Just as well 'he' doesn't exist. Ron's god is an evil impostor, a rip-off for the spiritually, ethically and intellectually challenged.

Just like British Israelism itself. A nonsensical, jingoistic doctrine that largely died out decades ago, but still clings on in bacteria-infested puddles of not-so-true believers. Harmless you say? After reading Ron Fraser I beg to differ.


  1. British Israelism is a Mental Disorder that the American Psychiatric Association hasn't gotten around to put in the DSM.

    I guess you'll have to wait for DSM VI, since it's too late for the DSM V coming out in June.

    Various treatments are available, but one thing is sure: To gain a foothold on sanity, it is necessary to stay away from the carrier because it is dreadfully contagious among those susceptible to the disease.

    The Center for Disease Control in your nation needs to be contacted as soon as an outbreak is identified.

  2. Wow! My heart goes out to the victims of this tragedy in New Zealand. And, it is certainly in poor taste to use such a catastrophe to advance an agenda.

    But, I STILL have not seen on this board a clear and concise RATIONAL explanation for the incredible and outlandish antagonism and animosity directed against a THEORY! The language used, borders on madness.

    You mentioned the DSM V; it would appear that a diagnosis of Irrational "anti-British Israelism" could be the basis for at least a Personality Disorder with Obsessive Traits....

  3. Ron Fraser's comments are as despicable as the "Catch the fire ministries" comments blaming the Victorian bushfire tragedy on laws decriminalizing abortion in Victoria.

    I've attended church with Ron Fraser, and found him to be overly serious and aligned with the extreme / overly conservative political players so it was no surprise to see him end up in Flurry's abusive and dysfunctional group.

  4. I just grow weary of these a-holes.

    Stupid, white, old men; and I am rapidly joining their ranks (in age demographics anyway).

    How much evil in this world is a direct result of stupid old men?

  5. In fact, British Israelism was first advanced by Richard Brothers in 1793, when he first advanced himself as "The Nephew of the Almighty" as the Apostle of a new religion, the Anglo-Israelites. He was confined to a mental asylum from 1795 to 1806 as a danger to himself and others after he "prophesied" destruction of the monarchy. It should be no surprise that his prophecy built on his new religion of Anglo-Israelism of the Hebrews being restored to Jerusalem in 1798.

    As you would suspect, this nut case gained a following, mostly amonst the members of the Church of England.

    So now, let's see.

    Herbert Armstrong rebelled against the Church of God Seventh Day. He wanted to take over. They weren't buying it because he lacked the qualifications. He became an heretic, embracing British Israelism and plagiarizing the whole doctrine from Allen, wholesale. Herbert Armstrong was not satisifed with his just being able to publish his prophetic articles in The Bible Advocate. He had to go out on his own and spread his false prophecies to become a false prophet.

    He convinced as many as 120,000 people at a time to believe his nutty ideas based on a thoroughly disproved distorted perception fantasies. Yes, his predictions about the United States and Britain losing World War II he made in 1943 and we all know how 1975 in Prophecy turned out.

    If it were that the damage was limited to a few delusional ideas, it might have been mostly harmless. Nevertheless, the gross damage done by abuse and neglect on his part to the people who followed him have been well documented.

    Now we have Ron Fraser as just one of those who have carried on the legacy of insanity.

    Ron Fraser on Christchurch: If you want an example of obsession, now there's a real example of obsession.

  6. Becker, an interesting response. Even if everything you said was true (which of course, it isn't), it STILL would not explain the irrational animosity directed toward a theory. And, apparently such animosity dates back over 200 years!

    Since when can information and/or an idea as innocuous as British-Israelism be dangerous? Even if it is all propaganda, as you believe?

  7. I believe that if the types of "Christians" who find human fault and blame for natural events, (rather than simply joining in and giving aid) were correct, then think tanks for the CIA would have identified causative factors and would be implimenting them as solutions to geopolitical problems around the world.

    In other words, you have a nuclear problem in Iran? Round up large groups of homosexuals, and airlift them to Iran. Equip them with ruffinol, and turn them loose on the general populace. Jeez, I mean even Baalam knew how to use flagrant sinners in that way back in the days of the Torah! Big wrath on the Israelites!

    The flaw in Ron Fraser's logic is that what he calls sin is pretty much equally and evenly dispersed amongst the general population, all around the world. Also, if he bothered to study science, he would realize that shifting of the earth's plates is a natural phenomenon. Now, if earthquakes began occurring in clusters in massive frequencies and ways that defied science, maybe he would have a point.

    Churches based on or heavily relying upon marketing techniques are manipulative at best, and are being operated in defiance of the lessons from the Sermon on the Mount.


  8. British Israelism can't be a theory because it isn't true -- it's a nonsensical idea of alternative history which never happened. It is the people who promote British Israelism are the ones who do the harm.

    Ron Fraser caused pain and harm to those who suffered from the Christchurch catastrophe by spouting lies, deeply and firmly rooted in British Israelism.

    Armstrongists need to abandon the entire venue of error: It is wrong, based on lies and is inherently harmful. It will be extremely difficult for them to rethink their delusions and come to some sort of reality.

    Good luck.

  9. Good call, Byker Bob.

    Armstrongists are pathetic losers who have perfected successful failure.

    It's in the results, and the fruit has proven itself to be consistently poisoned.

    As an exercise in futility, let Ron Fraser today predict something unusual which could not have been foreseen and observe whether or not he is a false prophet, just as his god, that Six Pack Prophet, he worships is.

    It would have given Armstrongists so much more credibility if they had specifically predicted in detail the earthquake in Christchurch even days before it happened, but it is clear that the Spirit of Prophecy has failed them yet again -- just as it did September 11, 2001 and every other major catastrophe they managed to miss.

    A 100% failure rate does not inspire confidence.

    And the distorted perception of pseudoscience between cause and effect, as Byker Bob, just doesn't cut it.

    Neither does revisionist history, such as British Israelism: As a talisman of predictions, it is as effective as using a bowling ball as a crystal ball.

    Prove yourselves; gird up you loins; give us prophecies we can take to the bank or just admit that you're full of it.

  10. Becker said,

    "British Israelism can't be a theory because it isn't true -- it's a nonsensical idea of alternative history which never happened. It is the people who promote British Israelism are the ones who do the harm."

    Really??!! I am always impressed by folks who KNOW what is and isn't true. Are you one of those immortals like Duncan McCloud, who have followed the Israelites through all their arduous journeys since their captivity? I'll just make a wild guess, and say that you probably aren't.

    But, since this is Gavin's blog, and he probably wouldn't appreciate further argument on this topic, I will drop it.

  11. larry,

    The results of the Human Genome Project says British Israelism isn't true.

    Sorry, the DNA/RNA markers are just not there.

  12. Baywolf, Whoa Nellie!!

    Now you are getting into my realm of expertise; and off the top of my head, I can think of half a dozen reasons you should rethink that statement.

    But, to put it succinctly, there is just not enough good data to prove or disprove ANYTHING, and certainly not enough to support such a sweeping generalization. Furthermore, ALL of the conclusions regarding ancestral DNA markers are based on certain assumptions(!) which may or may not be true.

  13. Wow, I'm just reading these posts as another site brought my attention to this one. While reading the article I was thinking about all the tornadoes that hit every year in Oklahoma. Moore has been devastated several times now. Wonder what THOSE people are doing wrong?? After all Ron Fraser says it's punishment sent from God Almighty! How about this recent tornado in Granbury ,Texas, that almost completely tore up an entire community and killed people. That one was centered on the "Habitat For Humanities Headquarters" there, and destroyed the next house that was to be dedicated, not to mention many others. Wonder what THOSE people are doing wrong?? I better go warn them that Ron Fraser from the "Philadelphia Church of God", (and just happens to be headquartered in Oklahoma not far from MOORE), has said they are being punished by God for what ever evil they are doing there. I am still curious why there are so many tornadoes in Oklahoma all around PCG headquarters??

  14. there is a prayer rock up there some where that needs to be dislodged.