Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Well done America!


  1. Well, this proves that HWA was correct, just way ahead of his time. This is what "decline and fall" looks like...

  2. Frankly, I'm relieved more than anything. Also I'm utterly baffled that nearly 50% of my fellow voters voted for a man looked us in the eye and lied to us time and time again. A man who kept his finances secret, his true plans secret and his true feelings secret.

    We're OK for the next four years, but will we be able to continue to hold off the loonies in every future election?

  3. And, speaking of guys who would look you straight in the eye and tell you preposterous lies ... funny Larry should bring up HWA.

    Do I detect a trend here?

  4. Actually, it proves the author was correct, who wrote the warning "pride goes before a fall."

  5. I am utterly baffled that over 50% of my fellow citizens voted for a guy who is a charlatan, and looked us straight in the eyes, and lied to us time and time again...

    And has every intention of continuing to do so for four more VERY long years.

  6. The re-election of Obama is proof that God has finally abandonded America, and assigned it for the most dreadful punishment!

    When a people can elect a man that supports gay marriages, abortions and the legalising of drugs, it is evident that the country has descended to the decadence of Sodom.

  7. Clearly the two sides in this race saw the world - and continue to see the world - through two different lenses. All politicians - indeed, all people - lie. Between Obama and Romney, I have no interest in arguing who is the bigger liar. Agree with the candidate or not, a reasonable person can see which candidate stuck to fairly consistent principals and which one was apparently willing to say anything the voters wanted to hear. I'm just glad the reality-based candidate won.

  8. I voted for Romney, and was disappointed, and briefly depressed part of Wednesday. But, having said that, there is so much fear rhetoric from both sides that it often blinds us to some of the positives. Clearly, the financial services industry needed to be re-regulated to avoid the ridiculous situations which developed surrounding the housing and mortgage sectors. Such regulation always makes conservatives cringe, but on the street level, the regulations protect us little people. I also see no problem with returning to the tax structure of the Clinton era, the era of my own life when I probably did best financially. The so-called Bush rebate, for me was a pittance, and I never figured out why they even bothered with this. These rebates did not exactly come from a surplus!

    Franklin Roosevelt, the president who got us through the last depression, has been excoriated by conservatives
    throughout my lifetime, and Republicans have vigorously assaulted the remnants of his "safety net" policies during every one of their administrations. Obama's policies are not all that different from those of Roosevelt.
    The trick now will be to retract and reduce the funny money and debt in a gradual fashion. Conservatives would handle this all at once, and in an emergency fashion, which might tip us back into serious recession.

    I believe that, much as happened in Los Angeles during the 1980s, the demographic makeup of the nation has changed, and sometime the old guard has difficulty accepting some of the changes which accompany that process. I watched our L.A. Rock-n-Roll radio stations in 1989 fall to this changing demographic, as the new minority citizens favored rap and dance music. The Anglo-Saxon baby boomers whose sheer numbers controlled the marketplace with their tastes and values are now firmly esconced in AARP territory. The pendulum has swung to the left of center. It's another one of those natural cycles. We'll see in time how far it will go, and whether it begins to swing back. I would point out to all of the ACOG members that these pendulum swings even occurred between liberalism and conservatism in Armstrongism.


  9. well skeptic, I believe that I have seen you write that you despised HWA because he was a "lying narcissist" But, that perfectly describes Barack Obama. Just pointing out your hypocrisy...

  10. Yep...a lot of people are conservative but don't want to enter the wacky world of extreme right wing looney toonism. If the GOP continues to stonewall, filibuster, refuse bipartisan cooperation and oppose good and sensible policies just because they come from a democrat...well, so much for there being a GOP Prez any time in the near future. The best part is that it's their own fault for accusing average hard working Americans of being freeloaders...not to mention their bigotry and misrepresentations - like Tom Mahon expressed above.

  11. Yeah, right, God has finally abandoned American. As they say in New York, gimmeabreakaroundhereawready!

    Having Obama is the most dreadful punishment? Really?

    Proof? Guess what - God doesn't control our elections. Our voters do. Thank God for that! If the people God chose to lead Israel are any indication, we're better off without God's leaders!

    Here's my prediction: America's economy will continue to proceed out of this recession and will be hitting quite a stride by the time of the next presidential election. Let's circle back in, say, 3 years and see who turns out to be right.

  12. Let's circle back in, say, 4 years and see who turns out to be wrong.

    It may take that long to confirm some of the election results, seeing as how the United States of America is at civil war -- not with arms yet, but given the rhetoric even here, we may not have long to wait (the UCG and CoGWA are already at it, albeit without firearms... yet).

    Here's a clue: Go check out "Snakes in Suits: Psychopaths Go to Work" by Dr. Paul Babiak and Dr. Robert Hare, pull out your PCL, fill in the info and make the determination (hint: Start with the President).

  13. Becker is right. The USA is very divided, and it isn't collegial. Parts of the country are genuinely ANGRY! It is very similar to the way the South felt when Abraham Lincoln was "imposed" on them by the rest of the country. They said, "We will NOT have this man as our President." And, they meant it.

    It has not reached that point here.....yet. But, it is getting there. Obama is REVILED in parts of the USA, and it has nothing to do with the color of his skin. It is his personality, character, and his ideology, which is literally at war with traditional American values.

  14. Bottom line is, apparently the Bilderbergs thought they could best work with President Obama at this point in time. What brought me back from my depressed state was the realization that the President is most certainly intimately aquainted with his unseen bosses, and will continue to work within their constraints. Had he not been vetted by them, he most certainly would never have even become a serious candidate, let alone PotUS. A significant part of their blueprint for the future of the world is directly in his hands, and they're not going to allow him to derail them by acceding to the most liberal agendas of the party.


    1. You're joking, right? I mean, nobody actually swallows this kind of New World Order conspiracy crap... do they? Except maybe in Texas.

    2. Gavin, perhaps you should take a look at the documentary, "Inside Job". While I am definitely NOT impressed with Barney Franks, the movie gave good insight into the conspiracy of those Wall Street Tycoons moving from Sachs-Goldman to Federal Government high ranking jobs. They were the cause of the 2008 worldwide economic fiasco and have been embedded in place to make sure that there isn't regulation for their little scams like CDOs.

      Now maybe Byker Bob got the particular conspiracy theory (as in Bilderbergs) wrong, but you can be certain that a know-nothing two year Senator who never did anything with a background of having a teen mentor in the form of a card-carrying communist (2016: Obama's America) and a college era buddy who blew up government building transformed into the President of the United States has some sort of backing and there's a lot of double-dealing behind the scenes (Oh, sure, United just appeared on the scenes from the WCG without some skulduggery behind the scenes).

      I hadn't been a conspiracy theorist until I watched the WCG at the end and the nonsense of the ACoGs having at it, but I finally realized there are conspiracies out there and you don't have to be paranoid to believe in them.

      As one congressman said of the Obama Care Bill, "This is too important to leave in the hands of the voters". Indeed not. If they really understood what was at stake, they wouldn't have any part of it: But that's the magic of the Suspicious Point of View -- you don't catch on to the hidden agenda until sometimes years down the road. We're already seeing Medicare gutted so that seniors either have to pay big bucks to get medical treatment or they get the medocre at what's left over. People working part time are being shafted because companies don't have to pay for it, and guess what? Companies are moving to part time where they can so they won't be burdened. Meanwhile, the middle class is going to pay top dollar for medical insurance and when they need treatment, they will have to wait because the system is glutted. And by the way, the doctors are being paid a lot less.

      The real unemployment figure right now is 17% by the best estimate of those looking at the ones dropped off unemployment insurance and those who are underemployed (reference the "part time" workers). I note this as I go to my favorite restaurant: The older full time workers who used to serve me are suddenly gone and new inexperienced part time workers are serving (and there are the guys in the lobby filling out applications).

      No solution yet for the United States Postal Service $5 billion in the red this year.

      And the President is everyone's best friend. Take another look at "Snakes in Suits" which applies equally to Federal Government policies and Armstrongist leaders (note the apparent conspiracy between the UCG and the CoGWA concerning Melvin Rhodes).

      The magic of conspiracy theories these days is that they are essentially right in concept but the details are wrong, so those who know there is a conspiracy have no credibility at all. Here's my favorite quote from a psychopath:

      "You accuse me of murder, but it isn't true because you spelled my name wrong!"

  15. We lost the best and nearest chance for turnaround when the GOP and mainstream media pulled the rug from under Ron Paul. GOP got what they dished out. Romney was a nightmare of uncertain proportions. At least Obama is something we have some handle on ... I say we each need to get smart and creative about how to thrive in spite of whoever is the dear leader. Isn't that the "American" way? -- "Rugged Individualism" ? Let's work with our families, neighbors, communities. Combat the fake left/right paradigm with universal care and more inclusive thinkin,

  16. Gavin, the Bilderbergs and the Trilateral Commission have been part of my tongue in cheek shtick since the Reagan years. I do believe that there are some tremendously wealthy and powerful globalists, but I see them more in a strategizing role, somewhat like any local city's Chamber of Commerce, only on a planet level. No doubt, they are influential, but they certainly don't possess totalitarian power.


  17. Aww, let's not forget that America began with the rich aristocrats of the colonies not wanting to pay taxes to the faraway king of England. They got the poor to fight that battle against the king, just so they could actually own everything. Do you think those rich aristocrats gave up that ownership after the war? If you do you're fooling yourself - 'old' money rules, always has, always will.

  18. After reading some of the comments above I am amazed at how the more things change, the more they stay the same. Back in the day, most Acog members were planted firmly on the extreme right, and those who dared to admit their political leanings declared themselves to be in the Republican camp. Today, most of the contributors, save for Tom and Larry, are claiming to be free from the Acog brainwashing. Yet the same old view of the "world" remains. How strange is that? To resurrect an old GTA mantra, it's time to "Wake Up America!!"

  19. I see the liberal faction a rebellion against Herbert Armstrong's perceived conservatism. I believe it is misplaced: Herbert Armstrong wanted a one world government (it's just a quibble about the details) and functionally, it was like a repressive socialist regime in the WCG, replete with promises of a bright future if only we could all come up with more money.

    Herbert Armstrong, just like the liberals, went out and spent more money than he had. Sure, he couldn't print money, but he could print coworker letters, so the effect was the same.

    Maybe he preached about morality, but really folks, he didn't mean in personally. Such immoral conduct; such corrupt government.

    But he preached a message of hope and change and everyone bought it. He gave us a glowing account of the future where all our problems would be solved. He also blamed all the problems on his predecessors and on the state of the world. His predictions turned out to be pretty empty, just like the initial promises of the current administration.

    I am sure that Mitt Romney wouldn't be that good a president. I don't want people to think I'm another Republican Dog Owner Armstrongist Tea Partier, because I definitely am not (for one thing, I have a cat). I have managed medium size project successfully ($750,000) and succeeded in my career to do the things I was told to do and I volunteered to do. As such, I really really would like to see financial responsibility, and not this:

    GM Has Lost $6.5 BILLION Overseas Since Bailout!
    The CBO Reported That $65 BILLION in TARP funds Remain Outstanding!
    Battery Maker A123 Systems Files Bankruptcy Owing $249 Million to Taxpayers!
    Solyndra (FAILED! – $535 Million)
    SunPower (FAILED! – $1.2 BILLION)
    First Solar (FAILED! – $3 BILLION)
    Beacon Power (FAILED! – $43 Million)
    ECOtality (FAILED! – $126.2 Million)
    Abound Solar (FAILED! – $400 Million)
    Brightsource (FAILED! – $1.6 BILLION)
    General Motors (FAILING! – $16 BILLION)
    Raser Technologies (FAILED! – $33 Million)
    Solar Trust of America (FAILED! – $2.1 BILLION)
    Nevada Geothermal Power (FAILING! – $98.5 Million)
    …Obama Sends Egypt $450 Million Cash!
    …Hillary Clinton Announces $45 Million to Syria!
    $2 BILLION to Egypt!
    $25 Million to Libyan Rebels!
    $7.5 BILLION to Pakistan!
    $400 Million to Palestinians!
    73 Loans to Libyan Banks!
    Taxpayer $$$ to Build Mosques!
    Another $150 Million to Palestinians!
    Taxpayer $$$$ to Afghan Banks!
    $23 Million to Kenya for ABORTIONS!
    Stimulus Grants to the Muslim Brotherhood!
    $900 Million to the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO)!
    Obama outsourcing jobs…
    $2.0 BILLION (Petrobras, BRAZIL)
    $529 Million (Fisker Automotive Inc. FINLAND)
    $1.2 BILLION (Pemex, MEXICO)
    $105.9 Million (General Motors Corp. SOUTH KOREA)
    $299.2 Million (Johnson Controls Inc. FRANCE)
    $95.5 Million (Advanced Power Solutions, FRANCE)
    $249.1 Million (A123 Systems Inc. CHINA)
    $161 Million (Kokam Co. SOUTH KOREA)
    $151.4 Million (LG Chem Ltd. SOUTH KOREA)
    $118.5 Million (EnerDel Inc. RUSSIA)

    To me, the electorate has managed to elect a proven loser. He might be glib. He might be charismatic. He might be president. He's still a loser.

  20. President Obama has won two nationwide elections. He has successfully enacted a health care law which, while very imperfect, is at least a step in the right direction in moving U.S. healthcare closer to that of the other "first world" nations. He took office in the teeth of the worst economic catastrophe since the Great Depression and, in spite of unceasing roadblocks by the Republicans, has steered us into a gradual recovery. To me, that makes him a proven winner.

    A list of failed projects? Every president has had them. A list of foreign aid? What, Obama is the first president to give foreign aid for questionable items? Obama outsourcing jobs? OK, that one's just plain silly.

    Doug, it sounds like your position is quite nuanced. You are not just a knee-jerk conservative. How about giving me the same benefit of the doubt? I've thought matters through and have come to informed opinions. I'm not "rebelling against HWA". Hell, I'm not even a liberal. Give me a man like Ike and I'd vote for him over Obama in a heartbeat.

    To me, it is very clear that Obama, while not perfect, has made sensible decisions in running our country. On the other hand, Romney seemed just plain out of control at times, making outlandish assertions, all the while being very secretive. To me the choice was clear.

  21. skeptic, you think Obamacare is a step in the right direction??? Wait until you see thousands and thousands of physicians quitting. It is going to happen in about 18 months. Doctors tried to warn everyone that it wouldn't work. People in positions of authority just didn't want to hear it....

  22. Let's just say that President Barack Hussein Obama has Executive Ability.

  23. It worked in Massachusetts my friend. This is the exact same thing. Take a deep breath. And for god's sake start getting your news from reputable sources.

  24. I wonder what all those quitting physicians will do after they quit. Not many jobs around these days. Too bad they aren't willing to stick around and help people, even if the money isn't what it used to be. I'd be wiling to bet most of them stay put, in spite of what the "polls" might say. We've learned some lessons about polling - Romney's defeat is proof of at least that.

  25. Becker's list omits aid to Israel:
    Has cost 100s of billions, and trillions as a result (911)

  26. skeptic, for this information, I am the source. You forget, in my occupation I deal personally with hundreds of physicians. This is information that is NOT being reported by the news media, but it should be. Maybe you should start getting news from reputable sources...

    And, truth only, it is called retirement. And, another bit of trivia for you to chew on. It takes TWO new physicians to replace every older one who quits.

  27. Thanks Gavin!
    Most of my family and friends are glad about the election results.
    It was especially encouraging to see Obama win in spite of all the Jim Crow laws enacted by Republicans to suppress the black vote.
    There were even a bunch of billboards(paid for by 'anonymous' sources to scare blacks into not voting), near where I live in the midwest.

    And hey, the Florida vote was confirmed for Obama, too....but only after another wait.
    A champion of suppressing the black vote, Florida Republican Mike Bennett(who was just elected as Florida's Manatee County Supervisor of Elections) said, “I don't have a problem making it harder to vote. I want people in Florida to want to vote as bad as that person in Africa who walks 200 miles across the desert. Do you read the stories about the people in Africa? The people in the desert, who literally walk two and three hundred miles so they can have the opportunity to do what we do, and we want to make it more convenient? How much more convenient do you want to make it? Do we want to go to their house? Take the polling booth with us?... You want to make it convenient? The guy who died to give you that right, it was not convenient. Why would we make it any easier? I want ‘em to fight for it. I want ‘em to know what it’s like. I want them to go down there, and have to walk across town to go over and vote.”
    (Responding to Mike Bennett's lies, African elections experts said the greatest distance they'd ever heard of was a 3-mile hike in Chad.)

  28. Larry, sorry to question your news sources ... it's just that what you were saying sounds a lot like direct quotes conservative talk radio. You say you have dealings with doctors. Well, I happen to have a fair amount of expertise in statistical analysis. So, here are my thoughts.

    What you have is called anecdotal evidence. You say some doctors you spoke with are threatening to retire. How can we draw a conclusion from this? Some of the many questions that need to be asked include: Is the sample size large enough to draw a nationwide conclusion? Is the sample-taker unbiased or are the questions asked in a fashion that would steer the answers? Are all responses given equal weight or are only the positive responses tallied? Is there regional bias? Many more questions must be asked if we are to rely upon your data, but you get the idea.

    As I'm sure you would agree, your evidence is not an impartial survey. So, I can't really rely upon it in forming an opinion.

  29. How you form your opinions is not my problem. But, you'd better get ready for a major league doctor shortage, especially if the expected cuts (January 1) happen...

    Gavin might be amused to know that there is considerable interest in the USA medical community in possible relocation to Australia and New Zealand.

    1. Hmm. I hope those folk considering fleeing Down Under won't be disappointed when they realise that both countries have strong public health systems. In that respect the US is just catching up with Obamacare.

    2. Gavin,

      One of the many baffling things about American politics is how the right-wing talk radio shows have managed to convince a large bloc of people that a strong public health system would be a BAD thing. These people are mostly the "religious right", i.e. people with similar modes of thinking as WCG members had back in the day. Still, it amazes me how millions of people are convince to vote against their own best interests.

    3. Well skeptic, you tell us. The Democrats have been convincing people to vote against their own best interests for decades...

    4. Really Larry? Did the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon happen when the Democrats were in power? Was it Democrats got us into the disastrous Iraq war on false pretenses? Did the worst economic catastrophe since the great depression take place when the Democrats were in power?

    5. skeptic, you didn't answer the question. You just took issue with the basic premise. Democratic Party principles have been destroying the nation for the last 30 years. Not in dispute.

      So, once again, how is the Democratic Party consistently able to deceive people into voting for candidates who are determined to lead the country (and the world) into social chaos? You seem very concerned about wars, but not at all concerned about enabling and promulgating social problems while bankrupting the economy. Since when is this in anyone's best interest?

  30. How I form my opinions is not your problem, but you really ought to think about how YOU form your opinion. I doubt the Affordable Health Act will be a bad thing for doctors and I doubt there will be mass retirements and mass emigration of doctors as a result. Let's circle back on January 2 and see who's right.