Saturday, 3 November 2012

Ex Mormons

How many times have you tripped over the "I am a Mormon" ad campaign while surfing the web.  How effective this charm offensive by the LDS church has been is difficult to gauge, but you have to wonder whether its launch in the middle of last year had just a little something to do with the presidential aspirations of Governor Romney.

No good idea should go unchallenged however, and so along comes a parallel campaign - a different type of "testimony" - which probably won't please the church officials in Utah.  Freedom of speech. Brilliant!


  1. My name is Tony and I'm an ex-christian. The improvement to my life when I realized there probably is no god was as significant as Michelle stated in her video. Life is good. Very good.

  2. DNA refutes Mormonism.

    Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha.

    Just think of how much personal growth people would have if they accepted DNA proof their ideas were wrong.

    Talk about freedom!