Thursday 11 June 2015

What do we do with the Violence of the Bible?

The second in John Shuck's Religion For Life series on how to read the Bible is now available. The featured scholar is the much published former Catholic priest John Dominic Crossan. Some real insights to be had, even if you have a different take on the historical Jesus (Crossan is no fan of the "apocalyptic prophet" view). Is Jesus the rider on the Palm Sunday peace donkey of the gospels, or the blood-spattered war horse of Revelation? Did Jesus change his mind about violence, or did Christianity change its Jesus? And what does Genesis have to do with the Neolithic Revolution?

Stimulating stuff. Listen online or subscribe on iTunes.


  1. I don't know. Treat it like the violence in movies and TV? Just consider it as part of the basic plot line?


  2. I had hoped to listen to this but have not had the time. The NBA Finals are underway. I particularly wanted to hear what he had to say about the neolithic revolution. My guess is that the rest of it is standard Crossan. Crossan, like our Muslim friends, does not believe in the divinity of Christ. Crossan is a fringe scholar of this type: "If the tomb was empty, animals must have eaten the body." Any alternative, as long as it is an alternative. If I wanted to learn how to read the Bible, to Crossan is the last place I would look. Somebody in the Catholic Church really walked on this guy.

    -- Neotherm