Monday 8 June 2015

Your Source of Understanding?

Last week I mentioned the new PCG radio station, online at At that time the only streaming option seemed to be through their website, with less than satisfactory results. Since then KPCG has turned up on Tune In under the moniker The Voice: Your Source of Understanding. The Tune In app is much better than the website in terms of audio quality, which is essential if you're featuring classical repertoire.

As for "your source of understanding", it's clearly a copycat reference to the old "magazine of understanding" subtitle for The Plain Truth. Unfortunately there was little understanding on offer back then, and even less now under the father and son Flurry franchise. What music lovers - probably thinking they've chanced on an NPR station - make of the sudden transitions to cult rants is hard to say. From Samuel Barber's Adagio to Stephen Flurry rattling on about "the guvver-mint of God" and quoting the 1930s Moffatt Bible translation on his Strumpet Gaily show (I might have that title slightly wrong) has to be a bit of a jolt.

PS. Could somebody please tell the newsreader named Nick how to correctly pronounce the word Britain (it ain't Bri-in).

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