Thursday, 17 November 2011

Pack's Pipedream

At an age when he should have long since retired gracefully, and donned sackcloth and ashes in an act of repentance for being an arrogant ass, David C. Pack is still living an Armstrongist wet-dream. The supreme leader of his very own high demand micro-sect, the Restored Church of God, the Packatollah has announced big plans to erect a glittering World Headquarters for himself in Wadsworth, Ohio. You'd think a man of his mediocre talent would settle for a nice set of business cards. Though he is apparently a highly driven character, Pack seems incapable of originality, so it's no surprise that his Great Erection is a blatant clone of the now defunct Worldwide Church of God HQ in Pasadena, complete with ersatz auditorium. Anything Gerry Flurry can copy, Pack can do too.

Mind you, it's all ostentatious intentions at the moment. Where will the moolah come from with such a modest tithe-base? Details, details. Construction is to begin in April next year, and the doors will open for gloating just twelve months later. Uh, okay.

Aging egomaniacs obviously have this thing about building monuments to themselves. But will the Packatollah even get that far? The PR blather indicates that it's a done deal, but the only certainty may be that the demands for special offerings will now flood out to the RCG's long-suffering membership.

Dig deep brethren.

(Thanks to Gary who, as usual, has the blog scoop on this latest story from the farthest fringe.)


  1. I don't know why they can't be satisfied with a ten foot tall tombstone - that will be expensive enough.

    Oh, I forgot, they want that in addition to the edifice that will have to be sold to pay the bills.

    It will be sold for way below market value too because the bill collectors will know that the owner has died and they want their money.

    So, who wants a 'used' glittering World Headquarters? No one does, they all want their very own, brand-new, monument to themselves.

    Oh, how the mighty have fallen and still dream of wallowing around in the world of high finance.

  2. The blessing of the Lord makes rich and He adds no bankruptcy to it... Mr. Pack's foray into this realm is ill advised and may educate him in rather "ungodly" ways.

  3. What a waste! He could have used his financial resources to aquire something far more valuable, and useful: toilet paper!

    Boy, am I ever glad that I had the foresight to have only spent 2 years at Embarrassing College. They must have infused the students with the catastrophic ego we all have witnessed during 3rd and 4th years.


  4. That's insane. Say what you will for the corrupt Americans at the top of the Church "heap" these days, at least they're not creating mini pocket universes that diverge significantly from the main reality, should one have the discernment to drill down into their allegedly "steadfast" theology. Flurry and Pack building competing auditoriums is's insane!

    And I say this as a believer in the old teachings, and current attender of, the Church. (WCG/GCI that is, not any of the splinter groups.)