Friday 18 May 2012

Ronald Weinland's Groundhog Day

This is a re-posting - slightly condensed - from 2007 when Ronnie Weinland was looking down the barrel of his own prediction stupidity at that time.  Dopey Ron clearly learned nothing out of this experience, and nor did the folk who have continued to follow him.

But take a look at the suggested off-ramps I suggested five years ago.  Which, if any, do you think Ron will use on Monday 28th?  Is anyone stupid enough to continue bankrolling this turkey after the same old failure scenario plays out yet again?

Anyhoo... here's what appeared then on Ambassador Watch.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Weinland's Year of Doom (Pt. 2)

Ronald Weinland ... reveals that April is the page to mark on your calendar... which means there's not even six months left. Maybe we should all take the opportunity to max out our credit cards before the balloon goes up.

Interesting that Ron, when asked directly if he's going to flee anywhere, explicitly denies it! Do we take it that Weinland isn't going to the "Place of Safety"? And if there's no place of safety, well, what's the point? Or is he just being coy to ensure only the right type of people make it to Petra?

But then, heaven forbid, what if Ron has simply screwed up this whole date-setting thing big time?

No worries, there's plenty of precedent. Here are six strategies Ron can adapt to haul his chestnuts out of the fire.

1. It happened - but not visibly. This is what the SDAs did after 1844, and the Jehovah's Witnesses after 1914. A bit disingenuous, but whatever works, right?

2. It happened - but in an understated way. Remember (if you're an oldie) when Herb proclaimed that 1972's terminus to the 19 year time cycle was marked not by falling H-bombs but a new series of Plain Truth ads in the Reader's Digest? This strategy has the advantage that it was used by the not-so End Time Apostle himself, so already has a kind of imprimatur.

3. Fire Drill. The Eternal was just testing, like the almost-sacrifice of Isaac. At the last moment Yahweh can reveal to Ron that he's decided to press the pause button... everyone "as you were."

4. Oops, the numbers got scrambled. Just let me recalculate... which is what the Millerites did back in the 1840s, providing a further opportunity to get it wrong all over again.

5. I never actually said that, or, I'm not technically a prophet. Not really an option, even though there's Herbal precedent, as Ron did say it and does claim to be a prophet, but hey, folks have short memories (especially if they avoid the Internet.)

6. Playing it safe. It was Ron's commission to preach this even if it didn't happen. This is the Jonah defense (after being fish food he preached Nineveh's destruction and then had the Eternal pull out "plan B" without so much as a beg pardon). This may be Ron's best option. Give it a bit of a twist and you can even make it "prove" that Ron is God's prophet (would a false prophet risk saying nutty stuff like this?)

Yes, Judge Rutherford, Herb, the Two Willies (Miller & Dankenbring) and a whole bunch of others have offered up dates that were disconfirmed, but did that stop them? Heck no! So Ron, don't sweat it; hang tight dude.

How many followers/members/happy tithe-payers Weinland has is impossible to gauge from his website, but it's likely to be minuscule. Nevertheless the 2008 prediction seems to have attracted quite a lot of attention, certainly more than he got ministering in either WCG or UCG, and let's face it, there have to be more than a few feeble-minded suckers paying his bills.


  1. I wonder what version of the Bible Ronnie reads...certainly not the one that states in
    Mark 13:32 "No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father."

    My educated guess is that God hasn't reveled it to Ron either and that he will have a super embarrassing case of egg on his face come May 28th.

    Don't get me wrong - I am looking forward to Chrit's return for His church and can hardly wait for that day. But date-setters only open up the church to ridicule and are not to be trusted. I wish they would keep their predictions to themselves.

  2. Another great picture of Ronald Weinland.
    A picture says a thousand words.

  3. Ronnie always got the Mark 13:32 / Mat 24:36 thing in his radio interview. His response was that it doesn't say that no man would _ever_ know the day or hour, and God always reveals specific events in advance to his prophets yada yada.

    Ron's already used #4 (with a dash of #3) by shifting the return from Trumpets of last year to Pentecost. And for interim prophecies such as the first trumpet and deaths of his mockers, he's used #1 / #2.

    I don't expect #5 out of him. Ron just reveals new "truth" to explain his failures and then yet more new "truth". Amazingly, he leaves sermons of all his previous "truths" that turn out not-to-be on his website.

  4. I think he will go with the "fire drill". He'll say that God changed his mind, especially because of the great leadership of Ron within the church... something along those lines.

    This is the best card for him to play.

  5. Greatest picture yet.

    Bob Theil offers up a proposition that like Harold Camping, the PKG (Pathetic Kook Group) members will simply move on to a false prophet with "better prophecies".

    It would be too painful for them to simply admit they are wrong and (gasp! perish the thought!) get help from qualified mental health professionals.

  6. "Present truth" = "Past lies recycled".

  7. Weinland's Year of Doom

    2012, near as I can tell.