Wednesday 23 May 2012

The First Horseperson rides forth from Elizabethton

Hark!  The drum of hoofbeats at dusk.  'Ware, 'ware, 'ware, pilgrim; hide yourself quickly, the horsepersons are four, and the first is even now upon us, clad in purple.

John Shuck has posted the first of four radio shows in podcast form, each featuring a different revelatory rider.  And lo, wearing faded purple, mounted on a princely steed, is none other than John Shelby Spong.

Spong may have retired years ago from the office of Episcopal bishop, but the fire still burns.  Begone ye cloistered academic critics, peering down your delicate snooters at one you do not deem your peer, this sage's words are worth a thousand dry, self-promoting monographs.

No, seriously, this is a great bit of audio.  Do give it a listen.

But quick!  For the second rider soon approaches, thin-lipped and intense, splattered in muck to the bridle with the severed heads of his enemies bouncing from his buckled belt.


  1. Thanks Gavin for this! The good bishop is a great interview. Just get him started and his off to the horse races!

  2. Fabulous (yea, verily)! And what a combination--Shuck and the original Jive! Can't wait to hear it.