Saturday, 19 May 2012

Ambassador Watch - the Second Coming

With the 'Ronpocalypse' - the moronic speculations of Ronald Weinland ramped up as Bible-based certitude - looming later this month, it's fascinating to read how the followers of Harold Camping are coping in the wake of his failure a year ago.  A Year After the Non-Apocalypse is compulsory reading for anyone who wants to move beyond the surface weirdness and understand what's going on in the minds of these true believers.  Highly recommended.

Meanwhile, Otagosh is pleased to announce that, to mark the latest Ronpocalypse, there will indeed be a Second Coming.  The Ambassador Watch blog will reappear (no new content, just the archive) "for a limited time."  The old link ( will be active from around midnight May 26 NZST.  More details to follow.


  1. Yahoo!
    Thanks Gavin. Now I can finally get a copy of that COG Blog "map".

    This is going to be more fun than giving presents after seeing Ron and the silent witness lying dead in the streets of Jerusalem for three and a half days.

  2. I wanna copy! Please, please, please!

    All joking aside, we are all thankful for this limited run.

    It's sort of like the short time release of those Disney Movies: Get it now, because it's going back into the vault for who knows how long.

    Though I think Ambassador Watch is worth a heck of a lot more than Disney Movies.