Friday, 18 May 2012


An interesting new blog that presents the perspective of ex-members of the Worldwide Church of God (now Grace Communion International) is Silenced.  A quick look and I'm duly impressed.  Those responsible remain anonymous, and I hope that can change.  At least one of the writers needs to stick his or her head above the parapet if this is to grow as a credible source.  Also interesting is this statement on the 'About' page.
Silenced is run by a collection of former members from a variety of backgrounds and splinter groups across the COG. For the most part, we are demographically younger than many other COG-focused blogs and websites, and generally don’t remember the “glory days” of WCG’s time as a powerful megacult. For us, the painful memories, oppression and tales of woe are very fresh.
Which is both tragic and heartening!  If you've done time in the Empire, you might want to check it out.  There's even a cool little counter to mark the remaining days and minutes to the Weinland Apocalypse.


  1. Where did you find that cool little counter? I couldn't it there. I've been blogging about Weinland for 4 years and need some kind of counter for my website.

    1. Eyes left, top o' the page - "Countdown to Weinland's Failure" at

  2. Thanks, that clock rendered rather small on my browser and I missed it.

    Actually, I already have one on my site Top right corner. Mine is accurate in all time zones to the very minute when Christ returns, not to midnight on the 27th in your time zone.

  3. The Silenced guys are smart, sophisticated and determined.

    One of the many things they are doing is taking on Wikipedia to fix the misinformation the Armstrongists are posting there about themselves.

    This goes far beyond the usual into the realm of exceptional.