Monday, 13 January 2014

Biblical Studies Online

Studying the Bible with someone who knew more than your pastor used to be an almost impossible ask for most folk. Deane Galbraith (Otago) and James Crossley (Sheffield) have risen to the challenge, creating an online resource where anyone can access some top quality material.
The goal of Biblical Studies Online is to provide both biblical scholars and the interested wider public with ease of access to quality biblical scholarship, as it comes available online.
More and more biblical scholarship is being published open-access and online – not only in traditional book form, but in a variety of media, including videos and sound recordings.
Unfortunately, it is often difficult to locate these resources on the internet, and sometimes difficult for those less experienced with biblical scholarship to distinguish worthwhile material from that which is inaccurate or even grossly misleading. And when it comes to the Bible, there is no shortage of the latter to be found. For this reason, Biblical Studies Online offers a gateway for the dissemination and publicizing of worthwhile open-access, online biblical scholarship.
It's only been up a day, but there's some good stuff there already. Avail yourself of some of these offerings (my recommendation: start with the very approachable BBC series hosted by Francesca Stavrakopoulou) and you could soon well know more than your pastor!

[The missing link has now been added above, and you'll also find it in the blogroll]

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