Thursday, 9 January 2014

Biff! BAM! Bop! Pete comes out swingin'

A little insider perspective on the current conniptions rocking the Church of God, an International Community.
Our current debate is focused on government, and the government of the church has been misused to change doctrine to suit the whim of one man. Are we alert to the way in which our understanding of the teaching of God’s Word has been polluted and undermined? Almost every aspect has been undermined to suit the ‘look good’ approach of public relations. Is the Word of God intended to suit the whim of human beings? (source)
BI promoted in 1920, click for full text
Thus writes Peter Nathan. Doesn't sound a happy chappy, does he? And on BI?
Of recent date, we have seen an assault on our understanding of the role and identity of Israel in the end times as set out in prophecy. Doing some more research on this subject has reignited in me an apprecation [sic] of just how central this idea is to the role of the church in today’s world
Meanwhile, on the subject of BI, this clipping from the Auckland Star has been kindly forwarded. Published way, way back on May 29 1920, it outlines what BI enthusiasts, mostly dotty Anglicans, believed in pre-Herbal times (i.e. before Herb Armstrong appropriated it.)

I guess this stuff still passes for scholarship in the circles Peter Nathan moves in.

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  1. You mean Herbie didn't "discover" the British/Israelism hogwash all by himself? Herbie plagiarized it from some other nutters who lived before his time?... What a shock!!

    However, armed with the FACT of who "the lost ten tribes" of Israel were, it only made good sense that these countries should be keeping the 7th day Sabbath and the same Holy Days that Israel kept and so they needed to repent... Isn't it amazing how facts not in evidence leads to other facts not in evidence?