Friday 24 January 2014

Why it's hard to have a reasonable discussion with a fundamentalist

An interesting post on the self-reinforcing pocket universe of fundamentalism.

[The page URL was changed a few days after posting, meaning an error message came up when the link was clicked. This has now been fixed.]


  1. Thanks for putting this up. It's so true. That was the exact frame of mind we worldwiders had. I posted this to Facebook and plan to cross post to my blog as well.

  2. I reckon it had been removed when I tried the link...but the answer is simple, the fundie is unable to reason.

    1. Thanks Gavin, good article. There is literally no hope for the brainwashed fundies and I gave up on them a good while back. I only wished I had realized it sooner and saved all the time and energy wasted on them.

  3. A lot of these people have an idealistic need to believe the world is painted in simple black and white and their pastor / leaders have all the answers from God. Detached, critical reasoning is a skill that only a few seem capable of. Education is the ony inoculation against churches that do not allow functional frontal lobes though their doors.

  4. Instructions for having a reasonable discussion with a fundamentalist:
    1. Find a reasonable fundamentalist
    2. Proceed as with any reasonable person

    Of course, #1 can be quite difficult to accomplish.