Saturday, 11 January 2014

Journal details Hulmerless Drama

Dave Havir, in a major article in the latest issue of The Journal, provides details of events leading to the crumbling of David Hulme's splinter group, CoGaic (or CGIC, the acronym Havir prefers). The role of Steven Andrews, former general counsel and chief financial officer to the group is emphasised. Andrews appears to have precipitated the crisis with a letter to Il Duce in November in which he challenged Hulme's autocratic leadership style and openly questioned whether it complied with the sect's legal obligations: "under California law, the board of a Nonprofit Religious Corporation is the highest authority for the organization. No particular board member, including its Chairman, enjoys sole authority, and the authority of the officers of the corporation is subordinate to that of the board acting as a body."

Within ten days Andrews had been disfellowshipped, and (my interpretation of what followed) emboldened by the incident, the drooling ministerial pit-bulls began to bare their teeth at the hand that fed them.

The article includes a photograph of Hulme's house on Marengo Avenue in Pasadena, which also serves as church HQ. How convenient.

Il Duce was unwilling to respond to editor Dixon Cartwright's requests for comment.

Yes folks, if you ever wondered why The Journal remains a significant publication for the COG/ex-COG community... well, here's your proof.

Also in this issue:

  • a letter from former CoGaic member Sasha Veljic.
  • a weird opinion piece by John Sash on the canon.
  • more wrist flapping over the Lonnie Hendrix article (two issues back) on homosexuality. Included in the 'debate' is a reprint of Herb Armstrong's rant in a 1975 issue of The Plain Truth.
  • another piece by Dave Havir, this time on the subject of disfellowshipment. Good stuff. My only question, Dave, is what you mean by "God’s government on earth is found within the family: 1 Corinthians 11."
  • an extensive and respectful piece on Nelson Mandela drawing on the views of Daniel Botha.
  • mention of Gary Petty's new book, Plato's Shadow. Great title, too bad it's already been used. Anyway, this one's all about the Hellenisation of Christianity from a COG perspective. I'm curious, though, exactly what qualifications - other than being a UCG apologist - Gary has for writing a book like this.
  • the passing is noted of prolific Connections writer/advertiser Henk Jens.
  • a little extra detail on the Flurrydian fainting fit: Mr.Flurry’s fainting spell interrupted his sermon about a "new revelation from Ezekiel." Talk about divine intervention - how did I miss that! 
And of course, this issue is downloadable. The editorial content is priceless. The advertising section is, well, I guess it pays the bills. You can subscribe to the print edition for a modest price - details here.

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  1. Oh no, the Hulme breakaways are already starting another splinter! Soon they will be purchasing full page ads in the back of the Journal along with all those other kooks, like Art Mokarow - now running his own custom splinter, furiously writing hundreds of vacuous recycled Herbological nonsense.