Monday 27 January 2014

Marijuana - the Herbal dissertation

A posting on Gary Leonard's excellent ex-WCG blog reminded me - for the first time in years - of this nifty little publication produced way back in 1970 by the "Ambassador College Research Department."

Yup, a copy of this fine title sat on my bookshelf at home when I was fifteen years old. It was the definitive statement on the issue, as far as I was concerned back then.

Not that I think smoking weed is a good idea even now. It's a dumb habit right up there with a host of others. But should it remain criminalised? I'm not so sure.

But regardless, inspired by Gary I went hunting for an online copy, given that my paper copy long ago disappeared. At least I think so. Tucked away at the bottom of a cupboard I have a morgue of ancient booklets, but digging it out is always a depressing prospect.

So here it is: a link to the text and, if you're so motivated, access to a PDF copy. Think of it as a period piece - a sectarian cultural artefact if you prefer - rather than a source of any kind of reliable information.

Ain't the Interweb wonderful!

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