Saturday, 12 April 2014

Bob Thiel exports sect to Kenya

Pity the poor folk in Kenya who think Bob Thiel, the accidentally ordained prophet, is an expert in clarifying "true from false leaders in East Africa" and competent to "teach the teachers" so that they can better teach others.

Yup Bob - with his mysteriously obtained ThD - has been promoting his hobby sect, the Continuing Church of God, in Africa. That's according to a front page story in The Journal. As if East Africa doesn't already have more than its fair share of problems.

Maybe it was a slow month for news as Don Billingsley also features on page 1 of the just released March 31 issue.

Now I like The Journal, as has been oft stated here in the past. But, with all due respect to editor Dixon Cartwright, this issue is a bit of a head-banger, and I recommend you avoid brick walls for at least twenty minutes after reading it.

You can download your copy here.


  1. I wish people wouldn't indulge in this sort of amateurish self-promotion. It is really embarrassing to watch. Even back in the day, there were kooks in the local congregations, with really bizarre ideas, whom you just knew would some day rise up to seek greater recognition. So predictable!


  2. Good article on Page 1 of Journal about member who got 5 years for refusing Vietnam. Said there was section in prison for JWs! When Muhammad Ali refused & got 5 years, govt backed down on him and therefore all other prisoners had to be released. (Ali was mouthing to Press "why should I fight for Vietnamese rights when I don't have equal rights here?" brilliant!)