Tuesday, 22 April 2014

The Great Missouri Synod Deceiver

Sorry to harp on about things Lutheran, but what the heck, this time the devil did make me do it, if only in a roundabout way.

As most Americans already know, there are two main Lutheran bodies in the US; the ELCA, which is sane and mainstream, and the Missouri Synod.

The Missouri Synod is, IMHO, a fringe sect parading as mainline. These folk - and there are a couple of million of them - are young earth creationists and biblicists, hate the very mention of 'ecumenical' and, in common with like-minded fundamentalist groups, believe in a literal devil.

Satan, the Adversary, the Great Deceiver.

The Missouri Synod produces The Lutheran Hour, which sponsors a "men's network" for Bible study (apparently the little ladies stay at home and knit as women clearly aren't up to serious blokey study without coming over all female).

Anyway, one such study is called The Great Deceiver. You can view the 13 minute video that accompanies the first session below.

And, hey, there's even an app (Apple and Android) to guide the chaps through the demonic deeps as they grapple with the Prince of Darkness.

The guy who fronts it seems as scary as his subject. Imagine listening to him preach every Sunday! Even Grace Communion International would be an improvement.

And I'm wondering; do these folk really live in the twenty-first century along with the rest of us? And how is it possible to draw on the "expertise" of not one but two professors (Concordia Seminary's Joel Biermann and John Pless) who are so totally uncritical in their approach?

Anyway, grab your popcorn and a pillow to hug before pressing 'play'.

The Great Deceiver Session 1 from Lutheran Hour Ministries on Vimeo.

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  1. While the LCMS "official" position is young earth creationism, that is not part of the official confession, nor is it a "required" belief for members of LCMS churches. LCMS Lutherans do believe that God did create heaven and earth, and mankind, though the time frame and exact method are not agreed. It shares with all Reformation faiths, and indeed virtually all Protestant faiths, the view that the authority on issues of faith and practice is Scripture. Scripture is pretty clear on a literal Satan - who prowls around looking for someone to devour. The liberal main-line denominations, all of which are in fast decline, all claim Biblical authority, but allow such latitude in interpretation that as a practical matter, no matter what the Bible actually says, you can come out with any answer dictated by the culture of the day. The LCMS, unlike those liberal denominations, is holding pretty steady in membership - and in its theology. And the even more conservative denominations are the ones that are growing.

    As far as the ELCA is concerned, or the PCUSA, the UCC or TEC, what is the point? These are just the Progressive Left in clerical collars. You hear nothing about sin (unless it is the sin of dead white guys or conservatives), nothing about repentance, nothing about salvation through faith in the Messiah. There is nothing you have to believe in. Some of the pastors in these denominations deny virtually all the basic doctrines of the Church. All you get is the progressive political agenda from the pulpit. You might just as well stay in bed on Sunday morning, and send your money to the Democratic party. No wonder people are leaving.