Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Untruth Tellers

The current issue of Tomorrow's World has an interesting line-up on its cover. Mug shots of men (no women made the cut) the editors regard as very naughty indeed. People who provide false trails in the search for truth. (The editors, of course, have the inside track here, tightly clinging as they do to the coat-tails of Spanky Meredith).

There are the usual suspects of course: Mao, Stalin, Lenin, Nietzsche, Freud, Darwin... Hitler is missing, but poor old Dawkins gets the nod.

Then there are a few more subtle choices: Ghandi anyone?

But, egad, what did Bill Nye the Science Guy do to get elevated to this status? Oh yeah, that debate with Ken Ham. Still...

Then there are a few I can't place. Che Guevara is the only fellow in the top row I recognise. Anyone able to identify the others - partly obscured by the masthead?

All of which leads me to wonder whose ugly mugs you'd have put on the cover? (My nominations might include Ayn Rand, Ken Ham, Rush Limbaugh, Herb Armstrong, Milton Friedman, and John Calvin. Karl Barth is an outside possibility. I'd keep Stalin, and maybe Nietzsche.)


  1. The top left looks like John Lennon. The other two photos are too obscured.

  2. A creepy magazine, bashing science, bashing enlightened freethinkers, promising a future utopia where Rod Meredith and Rod King will rule over us with a Rod of Iron. No thanks, Christianity already delivered its promised millennium: a thousand-year nightmare aptly called the Dark Ages.

  3. Oh, I don't know -- the submast has the headline "Who has the truth?". Bill Nye, certainly. Maybe it's not John Lennon... maybe it's Moe of the three stooges.

    But you have to admit that this would be a TERRIFIC opportunity for a sarcastic parody. There have to be images online from the early Ambassador College Envoys. Perhaps it will end up on BritishIsraelism.com which has another update coming shortly.

  4. If you load the PDF with I.E. the pictures are displayed sans masthead for 2 seconds. I tried to freeze it in this state by pulling Ethernet cable but data was buffered and picture completed. Anyway, the guy with the star on his cap is Che Guevara who was executed in 1967. On the run, he was captured in a run down mud schoolhouse in Bolivia. He said to the teacher there " this is what the children get for education while the leaders drive around in Mercedes?"(sounds like GCI/COGs) (I can see why editor Meredith has him on his Enemies Gallery)

  5. I would like to add Nixon, Clinton, Tkach and the quote: "All men are liars."

  6. I captured it with a quick screen shot. I'll send it to you, Gavin. I still don't know who two of the men in the top row are.