Friday, 11 April 2014


With tohu and bohu breaking out in David Hulme's micro-sect, there arose the possibility that flagship journal Vision might have seen its final issue. But, fear not little flock, the Spring 2014 issue has emerged nonetheless, albeit with a smaller body of writer-talent to draw upon. If you didn't know better - and many readers of this blog do - you'd think it was business as usual; at least until you noticed the purge evident in the staff box.

How much longer can the Dear Leader continue to fund his glossy quarterly publication in the wake of such a substantial gut-ripping exodus? That's the $64 tithe-cheque question. Meantime Dave, maybe the title could be extended a smidgen... by prefixing the letters "di" to reflect the new reality.


  1. On page 16 Vision "dives in" to the topical Noah Flood story, a subject Tkach's Odyssey magazine wisely avoids. But like Tkach, they stress not to focus on the (embarrassingly ridiculous) story, rather learn from its 'lesson-for-us-today'. What is the lesson? This is where it gets confusing and contradictory: The article admits that humans are natural cultural conformists and the population destroyed couldn't help it anyway because "..our brains not wired for truly independent thought..". But Noah, by amazing feats of lift-yourself-by-your-bootstraps-Armstrongian-neural-plasticity, was able to become the only "righteous" man - and you can too!

  2. The flood story was intended to convince people to enter into the covenant, represented by the ark (the ark of the covenant) with "God" because all outside the covenant "drown" - IMO. It was not intended to be taken as a true story of Jewish history but as a metaphorical parable.