Sunday, 13 April 2014

Passover and Easter

On Sunday night the good folk in the various Sabbatarian Churches of God celebrate their version of a Christian Passover, beginning with a footwashing ceremony and then proceeding to the symbols of bread (unleavened, usually matzos) and wine. This "Lords Supper" only occurs once a year, and is therefore a notable and significant event on the calendar.

On Monday night the Jehovah's Witnesses hold their annual commemoration. Although bread and wine are laid out, my understanding is that almost nobody actually partakes. This is reserved for those who are able to identify themselves as one of the 144,000, and given that millions of Witnesses will be attending, and that most of those blessed with the certainty of their election have long since died, it must take a good deal of chutzpah to step up to the table.

For the Jewish faithful, Passover - the genuine item - also begins on Monday night, minus the syncretism of the Christian sects and Messianics.

On Thursday, for reasons not immediately apparent, the nice people at Amazing Grace Lutheran Church (WELS), Milwaukie, Oregon will be attempting their own 'take' on the Passover. Their programme might puzzle those familiar with the eucharistic versions. Some other Christian communities will also be nodding in this direction at varied times over the coming week.

Of course, Friday is "Good Friday" in all mainline Christian churches, including Amazing Grace, and Sunday marks that remarkable event known as the Resurrection. Sadly, the mass prostitution of these days to commercialism has robbed them of depth and significance for most of us, whether we regard the original events as historical or metaphorical.

Whatever you might be doing, or not doing, have a great week.


  1. If I have a feeling in my bones that I'm one of the 144,000, then I should report to my local (Spanish language) 'Salon de Reino de los Testigos de Jehova' . They would have no way of falsifying the claim, or knowing the actual tally of genuine claimants. I'm just wondering why they change the pronunciation of the sacred name for Spanish? I thought the "correct" intonation of the name made them God's true church.

  2. I have an idea that the JW's, when they invented the meaning of the 144,000, had never thought that there would ever be more than 144,000 JW's.

  3. I'm visiting my daughter, son-in-law and newly-minted grandson this weekend! I'm going to have a GREAT weekend! You have a great week, too, Gavin. And the same for the rest of you!