Wednesday 6 January 2016

Appy New Year

It's an app world. The age of the desktop computer has joined the Penny Farthing as a period relic, beloved by few. Today the laptop also teeters on the edge of irrelevance as iPads, Android tablets and smart phones become our first port of call in accessing the web.

So no surprise that the tithe farmers are eager to up their game with apps that deliver their content, and that includes Greg Albrecht's twin ministries, CWR (Christianity Without the Religion) and PTM (Plain Truth Ministries).
This FREE App proclaims authentic Christianity without the religion. Our work is Christ-centered, based on God's amazing grace, giving hope to those burned out by legalistic religion. When you download this app you will have access to the daily and weekly audio and video messages of Greg Albrecht. Plus access to Christianity Without the Religion magazine and our CWR Video magazine. Our weekly Bible Survey and Blog are also available.
Apart from the total nonsense of a bastardized Barthism that maintains the apologetic delusion that Christianity is in a totally different category than 'religion' - note that of all the goodies Brother Greg dangles in front of his readers, one in particular is conspicuous by its absence. The Plain Truth.

But fear not little flock, the PT - the supermarket brochure of post-WCG magazines - is indeed available once you download the app. There's a mercy.

Oh gosh golly Greg, did you have a brain fade when you wrote that promo? No mention of the PT? How can that be? Something to do with a poisonous brand name perhaps?

And, oh my, what a lot of permissions Greg wants when you download his app!

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  1. "..the apologetic delusion that Christianity is in a totally different category than 'religion'.."

    An assumption of our culture that, if untrue, would also mean Israel is nothing special. Supporting the "special" nation of Israel is proving very costly and dangerous.

    Albrecht's former leader, HWA, would also cleverly manipulate using the extant cultural premise of the unquestioned verity of Bible and its God. The only valid variable allowed is its interpretation.