Saturday 2 January 2016

Where's Woderwick?

Woderwick was, if you recollect, a character in The Life of Brian. Aficionados will recall the sterling cry, "Welease Woderwick!"

More to the point, as we enter 2016, where's Woderwick? It appears the aging Presiding Evangelist of the Living Church of God is on a relentless slow fade from church responsibilities.

It wasn't that long ago - a couple of months in fact - that the official lineup on the Tomorrow's World telecast looked like this. That's Wally Smith, Dick Ames, the Boss and Rod King. Let's count; one, two, three, four. What a happy bunch.

Then, big news, a new heir apparent (reported here), Gerry Weston, waiting in the wings.

Now let's look at the new TW lineup.

And then there were three. Who do you see, and who don't you see? Both "Rod Prime" and Rod the Lesser have gone. Dick and Wally (great names, and so deeply descriptive!) remain. The old boy on the left? That would be? Lemme guess... Gerry?

The last TW magazine editorial by Rod Meredith was back in the July-August issue.

A prediction for 2016. The Great Helmsman is already below decks, and there are squalls on the horizon.

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  1. Yep. The red "power" tie is certainly telling in terms of decyphering these pictures. I believe 2016 is going to be a very interesting year in all of the ACOGs.