Saturday 2 April 2011

Quake Quackery

Steve Myers of the United Church of God has a word of comfort: the worst is yet to come! Six minutes of mixed messages - no the End is not yet, but oh man, it ain't far off now! Welcome to the crazy world of COG (Church of God) prophecy, scaring the bejeezus out of people and raking in the tithes since 1934. Hoo-boy, and I used to think this talking suit approach was sophisticated!


  1. Howard Davis dropped by Tacoma from United last weekend. The UCG is actually moving away from printed and TV Production in favor of the Internet because it's cheaper and it can reach more people, such as in China. Yes friends, United has designs on China. As the illustrious Mr. Davis said, Herbert Armstrong has failed in the Grate Commision to get to all the world. He missed China, apparently. And going to leaders just wasn't good enough (you know how well that worked, all those darned leaders kept the truth to themselves and didn't spread the rubbish... er... truth they were given as a sacred trust).

    As one who actually worked in the real Corporate World as a manager, I tend to measure things in terms of success. Just how well does all this prophecy stuff work? There's nothing like the wondrous expansion of cults who try it -- just look at how they are growing... smaller.

    The wiley Herbert Armstrong knew how to put out a stick with that carrot, promising good times today and also in the wonderful world tomorrow. Ambassador College was a showcase of illusion designed to appeal. Where's the appeal in a cluttered website, do pray tell?

    And one more thing before we end this discussion: Even if United wins big with, say China -- even though they failed miserably with their previous foray to reach India (or even Indiana) -- just how long would they hold on to their "converts"?

    South America may be a clue to the answer of that.

  2. After the Japanese disaster, a UCG Pastor quoted an "earthquake expert" who supposedly told Fox Business Network's Neal Cavuto there's an "80 percent chance" of a major earthquake striking North America -- especially between March 19-26.

    Hmmmm - it didn't happen.

    Will pastors please name this "expert," so we can ignore him in the future?

  3. That "Son of Man" who Jesus kept saying was coming to judge the world reminds me of that same character in the book of Enoch.

    Maybe the real Jesus was an apocalyptic preacher who was preaching about the Son of Man from the book of Enoch and his followers got it all wrong and thought Jesus was talking about himself.

    Be warned, "the Son of Man" is coming to judge the world - the book of Enoch says so and all the forged books of Christendom misquoting Jesus says so too.

  4. Yes, the worst is yet to come... for United.

    It's nice that they have self-fulling prophecies to fall back on.

  5. "He missed China, apparently."

    Oh, really?

    As for "Beyond Today" the "quality" of the "program" (I use both words very loosely) has really hit the fan, since they started sandwiching it between the infomercials.


    "And if you call in the next ten minutes, folks, 'cuz you know we can't do this all day..."


    "Stir-fries! Soups! Fresh baby food, with no salt and no added sugar!"


    "Do YOU know what YOUR incredible human potential is?"


    "Get the BodyBlade and start working those abs now!"


    "You TOO can be like Tony Robbins!" know, on second thought, Beyond Today fits right in...

  6. Well, you know, that's what Howard Davis said... I was just quoting him. Yes, I know that Herbert Armstrong just knew he had finished the Work as the End Time Apostle, it's just that the UCG doesn't agree. For now. Depending how things work out.

    It's win-win: They can claim victory either way. Trust your experience: You've seen this all before.

  7. As I already commented in my article about Harold Camping [] and in the article "Prophecy Speculations 101" found here: it is no wonder people can be convinced of anything once they begin subscribing to Armstrongism.

    Thanks for sharing the video. Many details make it all sound so logical to the ill-prepared mind, but for those of us who can read between the lines, the apostasy still continues, and Armstrongism is living full-speed still...

  8. Note to Velvet D.

    In view of what's happened previously I'm "sin-binning" any further comments of yours for the rest of April. The words may have changed (dramatically so) but the tune is identical.

    The issues are multiple postings, anger, "attitude" and comments that are WCG-obsessive.

    This is not a WCG venting forum, as I've tried to point out before. You need to - should the need arise - go bang your head against another brick wall entirely. An even better strategy is to let your aggression cool before you hit the post button.

    See you again in May.

  9. I notice that they use the persuasion technique of "argument from authority", quoting several scientists and scientific sources in the beginning of this video.

    Yet, before, I've heard the UCG absolutely ridicule scientists and scientific sources.

    It reminds me of the Mormons using DNA evidence when it suits them (for identification, prior to performing rituals to get family members into heaven), while railing against DNA evidence when it disproves the writings of Joseph Smith.

    Of course, this particular type of schizoid doublethink is hardly confined to the Mormons, the UCG, or Fox News!

  10. So, no one here believes that things are going to get worse, and that these disasters are harbingers of future catastrophe??


  11. None of us seem to believe that things aren't going to get worse.

    What we believe is that United can't possibly know specifically what will happen or when.

    Nothing they say has any credibility and nothing they say seems to have any relevance to anyone or anything. The UCG is totally irrelevant.

    It would be interesting to see how wrong they are. I remember the article in the "Good News" in 1999 saying that the Year 2000 was going to be a disaster. Missed that they did. September 11, 2001? They missed that too.

    Can't trust them.

    They are useless.

  12. Okay Becker, I can go along with that. Anyone who thinks they know "when" something in the future is specifically going to happen, is probably smoking an illegal substance. There was a time when these things seemed obvious, but not anymore. If there is one characteristic of humanity that never fails though, it is our ability to delay the inevitable, but only delay.

    I personally believe that the "why" is more important.

  13. The "why?".

    Because the Armstrongist are evil, performing spectacularly wicked -- and in most cases, illegal -- works.

    Therefore (and I'm being facitious) as those who are supposed to set the right example to the rest of the world as Spiritual Israelites, the rest of the world must suffer for the Armstrongist sins as God's punishment for the Armstrongist disobedience.

    Make no mistake! The whole world suffers because the Armstrogists are committing idolatry and snubbing their nose at God!

    Therefore, because of the stalkers and fondlers in United, Japan had to suffer the Earthquake and Tsunami.

    Repent you awful sinners in Cincinati before you destroy the whole world!

    We know who to blame for all the world's troubles!

    Well, you know, if you want to use the Old Testament Christianity approach, just think of how Israel had to suffer when David sinned. The "David defense" still means that they may be forgiven, but that the people have to suffer the wrath of God!