Thursday, 28 April 2011

Another Stark Quote

"[Apologists] are sophists, in a world crying out for prophets. Prophets speak the truths that no one wants to hear, which also happen to be the truths that everyone needs to hear. We cannot move forward until we find the courage to confront our problematic texts, the courage to be brutally honest."


  1. It is not a failure to confront with brutal honesty the problematic texts we find in the Bible that hinders us. Rather, it is the failure to confront with brutal honesty the non-problematic texts which clearly call us to repentance, humility, and service for the Lord Jesus.

    When I hear Thom Stark calling people to repent and follow Jesus Christ, I'll be more interested in Thom's views on other things.

  2. Repent and follow Jesus Christ!