Friday 22 April 2011

Good Friday - Earth Day

Today is Earth Day. Let's talk about it in a whisper lest certain folk take offence. This guy for example:
In 2009, Gavin Rumney mentioned on his Ambassador Watch Blog that he had observed something called "Earth Day" by turning off his lights for an hour to try to help save the planet. After rejecting God and the Bible he is now trying to find something else to fill the emptiness. The idea of human-induced climate change, called Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW), has been called "the new religion of the urban atheist." This "Global Warming" scam was highly promoted and forced on school children by an American politician named Albert Arnold Gore, Jr., who is hoping to get rich off it.
And on and on he went. So much bile over turning a few lights off!

The AW blog is now history, thank God, and I expect this gentleman won't be an Otagosh reader, so maybe it's safe to provide a link. After all, if the nice people at Google are prepared to mark the occasion...

But hey, Earth Day and Good Friday together, gadzooks! A most inauspicious Friday for the more conservative, Tea Party-ish devotees of Armstrongism would be hard to imagine. What would you do? Avoid hot cross buns and turn on all the electric appliances full bore? Take that you godless urban atheists and dupes of the harlot of Babylon!


  1. Gavin, I never knew you were an atheist. If true, you are truly rare, since few atheists take on the wonderful world of pursuing advanced degrees in religion. It should be noted that Isaac Asimov was an atheist and he published quite a lot about the Bible.

    Anyway, I have a question concerning the subject of godless urban atheists: How do they differ from the godless rural atheists?

  2. Methinks this mysterious writer confused "Earth Hour" and "Earth Day."

    Earth Hour in March is when people turn off their elecricity for an hour.

    Earth Day is about recycling, planting trees (hugging optional), etc.

  3. "After rejecting God and the Bible he is now trying to find something else to fill the emptiness."

    What an ignorant statement. I've rejected God and the Bible and doing so removed the emptiness I'd had for many years, the emptiness of feeling such a guilty failure due to original sin.

    Knowing I was born right the first time filled me with joy and relief.

  4. Your "turn on all the electric appliances full bore" comment reminded me of Sarah Palin's response to Michelle Obama's notion that children need to eat healthier foods. Sarah Palin's response was to cram amazing amounts of sugar down her children's throats.