Thursday 28 April 2011

The ultimate orbiter?

The penultimate orbiter?
Rob Bell's Love Wins is... a winner.

If this was the coming face of evangelicalism, there'd be hope for the church's survival. I've seen it in two Auckland Christian bookshops this week, one very mainline (Church Supplies in Ellerslie) and one fringe fundamentalist (the Adventist Book Centre in Manukau.) May the Force be with you Rob.

That said, every book has its flaws. This one has a fantastic malapropism.

"Are we the ultimate orbiter of what can, and cannot, exist?"

Sic, sic, sic...

And it slipped through the editorial fingers of both HarperCollins in the US and Collins in the UK?



  1. Space age theology? I like that!

    Just how would Jesus orbit?

  2. I'm sure there's a joke in there about revolution.