Monday 17 January 2011

How Not to Read the Bible

"We believe that Scripture is rightly interpreted in the light of the answer to a key theological question:Who is Jesus?; Scripture answers that Jesus is fully God (the doctrine of the Trinity) and fully human (the doctrine of the Incarnation). Through his representative - substitutionary (vicarious) life, death, resurrection and ascension, Jesus has united all humanity to God (the doctrine of the Atonement). Accurate understanding of any passage of Scripture occurs as we prayerfully conform our thinking to this revelation of the person and work of Jesus."

From The Surprising God Blog


  1. What a wonderful way to get out of Bible contradictions and NT authors either misquoting it or making it mean what it never meant.

    Joe Tkach always made fun of those who talk "doublespeak." Well, here it is right under his own nose.

    I can hardly comment on The Surprising God (real mature name there) Blog. They have no doubt been surprising God since 1996.

    WCG/Formerly called Prince, has reinvented the wheel on a very wobbly old chariot. It's humerous to know their local minister, at least last I heard, even thought they were full of hot ecclesiastical air.

  2. It would figure that Jesus was of the Nazarean sect of Essenes since the gospel writers went to so much trouble to deny it. They said, no, he wasn't, he was called a Nazarean because he was from Nazareth. Right, and the gospel writers always told the truth and never took any passages of the OT out of context.

    But, that puts Jesus too far back in time, doesn't it? Yes, yes it does. However, Isaiah 53 was 500 years's a funny thing what can be done with a personification by a group of fanatics. All you have to do is give the personification a name and he becomes real over time.

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  4. Who is Jesus?

    I knew Doctor Who was good, but I didn't think he was that good. Maybe Lord Rassilon could claim the title.

    It's too bad that GCI can't access the Eye of Harmony and seems to be trapped in a singularity.

  5. "So is this "fully human and fully divine" a holdover from Herbie's crap, or is this what their NAE puppetmasters are telling them to spew? IOW, do professing Christians actually believe the same nonsense Ted Johnston regularly spills forth onto his blog?"

    This is pretty-much 'orthodox' doctrine, going back to Nicea and funneling through into modern times. The statement quoted has a 'Reformed' feel to it, but I doubt it would raise too many eyebrows among other confessional communities. Ol' Herb wasn't anything as sophisticated (i.e. impenetrable) as this!