Sunday 23 January 2011

God in the genes?

Can genes explain religion?



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  2. From the article:

    Goldfish and cats and so forth are not religious,” says Victoria University religion lecturer Joseph Bulbulia.


    Note what Mikey the cat has to say about that at:

    Mikey for President

    People ask, “Do you believe in God?”.

    My answer, “Of course I do. I am a god. I am polytheistic. There are other cats, after all.”

  3. God is in the head, on the brain, placed there by indoctrination and the power of suggestion. It is nurture and not nature and you cannot escape being influenced by the power of suggestion when growing up.

    In movies, TV, billboards, churches, paintings, holidays, etc. etc. "God" permeates our society, even our language and few ever give it a second thought.

    Even those who doubt "God" are afraid to let go of it because of the consequences of being ostracized by society, friends, relatives - and God, if he exists.

    When you hear a Christian ask you to prove God doesn't exist, you are listening to a doubter wanting to let go but is afraid to - just in case...