Monday 10 January 2011

Inspiration or Manipulation

As usual Gary Leonard's Banned by HWA blog is on top of things on the UCG/xUCG front, carrying a press release from the lads in Louisville regarding the opening service at their conference of ambitious malcontents.

I tuned in to the webcast near the end to hear Arnold Hampton exhorting the troops and playing the victim card. Arnold is a fine speaker with a feel for the dramatic. He knows how to pace his words, one of those few who can really motivate an audience, the Jesse Jackson of the rebellion.

Inspiration or manipulation? As the Hampster trotted out the well-worn catch-cries and war-horse proof texts I wondered at the level of credulity and naivete that would be necessary to sit in the congregation nodding and lapping it all up. Surely it would require a suspension of both prior experience and critical faculties. These people were being massaged and manipulated.

Then again, they were allowing themselves to be massaged and manipulated. Some of these folk have been associated with Armstrongism for decades. They were there in 1972, 1974, 1978 and on and on. They witnessed the rise and fall (and rise and fall) of Garner Ted Armstrong, the ministerial 'rebellion', the receivership crisis, the flip-flops on healing, divorce and makeup, the revelations of John Trechak, the death of the 'apostle' they idolised. Do they honestly think this is anything different?

From frying pan to fire; and now straight down the waste disposal.

Fool me once, shame on you; fool me thirty five times plus, and I clearly need someone to tie my shoe laces.

Addendum (via Dennis Diehl)

Just spoke with Dixon [Cartwight of The Journal] and he has been told he is not welcome to be in the meetings in Louisville.

That sound you just heard is the new sect shooting itself in the foot. These guys really don't have a clue!


  1. If that second press release that just got posted this afternoon isn't designed to manipulate the press, then what is?

    What I would like to know is what Dixon Cartwright has to report about Louisville COGaWa.


    Stan Gardner

  2. Just spoke with Dixon and he has been told he is not welcome to be in the meetings in Louisville. So that is currently his only story on the meetings

  3. Well Dennis,

    Dixon has to put something in the next edition of The Journal besides blank paper.

    Stan Gardner

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