Friday 7 January 2011

Pravda redivivus

The January issue of United News is out, and in colour. Readers are treated to a roundup of stories which largely ignore the big news that continues to break across the embattled denomination; its ongoing breakup. Any readers who had been living in a cave for the last month or so would be hard pressed to emerge, United News in hand, much the wiser. There is a carefully massaged report on the December COE meeting, and the resignations of three members of the council get a passing mention, but for substantial reporting we'll all have to wait for the upcoming issue of The Journal.

Spare a thought though for Journal editor Dixon Cartwright who must have redesigned the front page numerous times over the last week or two trying to get on top of the flood of developments. The Church of God, America rises, gives a two-fingered salute, then disappears as it is subsumed in the new Church of God, a Worldwide Association. Splinter congregations surface, complete with their own boards, only to be pushed under again as the new hierarchy-in-waiting demands that they kowtow to the recycled mullahs. The moment The Journal hits the presses it's likely to already be out of date. Will the Elders of the Exodus permit Cartwright to cover their founding conference? Will the Imperious Leaders condescend to grant interviews? Time will tell.

But back to United where, perhaps without any intention to irony, the January-February issue of the Good News has also been released with a cover asking "Do You Understand the Signs of the Times?"

How very appropriate.


  1. They could have at least changed the name of the publication to the Disunited News.

  2. Dixon got bounced from one UCG meeting which then itself was going to become a story, so I expect he'll get in to prevent this from occuring. A story about not being allowed a story is a worse story than the story one came to cover.

  3. The Church of God, America rises, gives a two-fingered salute

    Naw. It's a one-fingered salute.

  4. United News

    What fun. A newspaper filled with double entendres.

    "Fun with Numbers"? Yes, diminishing, aren't they?

    And the group with a dinosaur behind them? That certainly is fraught with unintended meaning.

    "The Great War for Civilization"? Just ask the people who left the UCG!

    "What is your conversion story"? Dennis?

    "The Way Back to Paradise"? John Milton can tell you half the story. Paradise does seem to be lost for United.

    "We are Family"? Don't look now, but it is going through multiple divorces.

    Favorite quote: "Despite David’s human imperfections, when an issue was brought to his attention and he recognized he was in the wrong, he did not ignore it." What can we say?

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  6. Can't help noticing a few ministers named in this edition have resigned in recent days -- such as WFW coordinator Mark Winner.

    The "Worldwide News" in February 1995 was honest enough to have a front-page article admitting many ministers had resigned, and even listing their names. Will United have the courage and honesty to do the same thing -- perhaps in February?

  7. Very interesting that the article title of the Good News UCG magazine refers to the signs of the times as the title of the Australian and New Zealand Seventh Day Adventist magazine is indeed Signs of the Times.