Sunday 16 January 2011

25 Years today since...

Armstrong and first wife Loma
... the death of Herbert W. Armstrong, who departed this life on January 16, 1986, aged 93. After trying his luck in the advertising industry he converted to the Church of God (Seventh Day) before launching out with his own prophecy-based ministry, originally known as the Radio Church of God, later the Worldwide Church of God. His church published The Plain Truth magazine and a radio/television program called The World Tomorrow, which was fronted for many years by his son Garner Ted, who died in 2003. Controversy surrounded the self-designated 'apostle' in his final years over allegations of incest and alcoholism. Armstrong's church has since moved into mainstream evangelicalism and has rebranded as Grace Communion International, though it retains a similar top-down structure. Armstrong's unique teachings, including British Israelism, and Sabbath and Holy Day observance, are continued in a number of schismatic bodies.


  1. Wow, what a milestone. I remember visiting his grave a year later. If you went back now I'm sure there would be bumps in the ground from him turned in his grave at high velocity.

    When I went there I saw a stranger holding vigil with music at his grave. Nothing else really notable.

  2. That was probably Martin Fillipelo (sp) who predicted that HWA would be resurrected on January 16th. He never quit pinned down the year though. The sad part was that he found enough idiots to follow him!

  3. Just checked Cogwriter.

    Does Thiel not realize how IMPORTANT, HISTORICAL and utterly SPECIAL today is?

    Stan Gardner
    Ambassador Reports

  4. R.I.P. (rot in pieces) Herbie.

  5. I recall asking a certain traveling evangelist in WCG, who was prone to long long weeknight sermons, little of which was true and all of which was spoken when he flipped a switch in his head, what he'd do when HWA died.

    He said, and I kid you not, "I'll believe it after three days and three nights."

    I told him his visits caused more problems than they solved...

    Groan...I knew my days were numbered.

  6. Twenty five years ago today, Herbert tries to change his destiny to another direction by proclaiming
    "The prophecies will end!"


  7. "Toy of Torment"

    Get him spinning and click to watch him burning in hell! Works best in Internet Explorer.