Friday, 29 May 2015

More from LU President Michael Germano

Give Michael Germano some credit, he doesn't mince words.

But is that a good idea on a Facebook account in which he identifies himself as president of Living University?

Some more quotes from LCG's leading scholar and accreditation expert. Read closely, consider deeply, and be ye edified brethren.
Multiculturalism, a brain child of the left is wholly Un-American, anti-Christian and a disaster. 
So, if the female-dominated public schools continue to feminize our children left wing liberals (so called progressives--what an oxymoron joke, progressives?) will have plenthy [sic] of effeminate pantywaists to keep them in power. Poor sick America. 
The other screen shots available on request
After that lefty town hall held by Linked-In I cancelled my account. Some lefty stooge formerly with Google wants his taxes raised. He can donate to the feds if he wants but apparently he has no job thanks to Obama. The true liberal--wants to give the shirt off your back. I pay enough already. Facebook keeps changing things for the worse. What do we have, Silicone [sic] Valley postponed adolescents who have to be different everyday to feel good? Tomorrow I am shutting my account down on this insane site as well. All the best to you and yours.
It's enough to make a Fox News host blush. And my personal favourite...
Why is Obama populating the government with lantern-jawed women? Is he making some point about "Ugly Americans?
Doesn't like non-Anglo cultures, doesn't like women teachers, doesn't like public schools, comes across as a paranoid homophobe, objects to paying taxes, doesn't seem to like young people much, and rails against women who don't fit his ideal physical stereotype...

Nice guy! Pity the poor students who have to study (if that's the right word for what they do at LU) under this man's antediluvian authority.

NOTE: Gary Leonard has blogged some further information about Dr Germano's puzzling inconsistencies over the years. You'll find it here.


  1. I'm not going to make allowances or to use a special set of standards in evaluating these statements. Regardless as to who made the remarks, they sound like the bitter rant of an old man who has difficulty with change, and is either unwilling or unable to adapt to the constant process of change in the world which surrounds him. What is so hilarious about this is that even in what passed as Psych Class at AC, I distinctly remember one session in which the topic of discussion concerned individual reaction. One person might see a particular set of circumstances as a positive, while another might suffer the full brunt of the bad effects which result from interpreting the exact same set of circumstances as negative.

    I love multiculturalism. We get to have the people whom we studied in Social Studies class actually living and functioning amongst us. And, it is also great that the minds of women are no longer wasted to the extent that they once were. Women have been repositioned soas to be somewhat more equal partners. To believe that this somehow feminizes men is ridiculous. Otherwise being married and raising daughters would do the same thing.

    Dr. Germano is simply parroting the old WCG worldview, more specifically the Rod Meredith version of it. It would be very difficult for any individual holding such views to actually enjoy life, but then again, enjoying life is not one of the things that the members of Armstrongism are supposed to do. Since apparently, Germano has some actual, valid credentials, we have been led to expect so much more from him. Unfortunately, the limitations of Armstrongism have been allowed to supersede the normal benefits produced by a higher level of education. Hypothetically, what would a degree in astrophysics mean if the holder of that degree remained a flat Earther?


  2. Very ugly comments. And very ignorant comments. I suppose Bob's right, this man must be very unhappy. We should probably pity him rather than get angry at him.