Friday, 29 May 2015

Michael Germano - the mask slips

Michael Germano is known as the architect of Ambassador University's accreditation - which was a short lived accomplishment with AU being disestablished soon afterward.

Following a period in the wilderness he then reappeared on the Living Church of God payroll with the job of heading up Living University, a back-room operation with pretensions to gaining its own accreditation. Germano's expertise in the accreditation process was clearly a huge factor from LCG's perspective, and Germano appears to have dutifully followed the new party line ever since.

Fair enough. The position is clearly well paid, and its not easy getting a plum position at a proper institution. But what does Dr Germano really think about education at a tertiary level? In what regard does he hold higher education in general? If you were under the impression that he was a thoughtful academic with a commitment to growing young minds and encouraging students to think for themselves, well, you may need to think again. Here's his unvarnished rant on these matters.

Would you accredit Living University after reading this? And why, if this is how he feels, is he working toward LU's inclusion in this "evil" system?

Perhaps somebody might like to pass this on to the accreditation authorities for their consideration and perusal. I'm sure they'd be impressed.


  1. Traditional American values...just how would he propose to define TAV? Fact is, the men who crafted the ground of the American republic were rationalists and deists with a respect for individualism and distaste for institutional overreach -- these are not men who would defend the "right," at the expense of scientific inquiry or new evidence in any discipline. And if Germano thinks modern academics are difficult to converse with, he would not find much comfort in a conversation with, say Jefferson or Paine or Franklin or (fill in the many blanks).

  2. Gavin, I do believe that here (or there), right around 2008, you had some sort of article that Dr. Germano had just disproved British Israelism using DNA.

    I am reminded of James 1:8.