Wednesday, 17 February 2016

The name game

Global Church of God service - that's not Rod Meredith with the mic!

What's in a name? The story goes that when Rod Meredith wanted to incorporate his second splinter church (after scuttling the Global Church of God) he favored naming it the Church of the Living God, based 1 Tim. 3:15. Sadly for Rod, that name had already been taken, hence the current title, Living Church of God.

But even then, the name isn't exactly unique. The United Church of God must find it even more problematic with many unrelated UCG congregations, largely of Pentecostal and African American heritage. Tagging "an International Association" on to the end probably doesn't help much. In Jamaica there's a Faith United Church of God International (presumably unrelated to Ian Boyne's CGI).

If you wanted to find what remained of Meredith's original Global COG, you'd be out of luck, but good news, there's a Global Church of God in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Nothing new, as they say, under the sun.

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