Sunday, 27 March 2011

Goofy lectures and the joy of cricket

Righto West - Howzat!
Jim West links to a series of lectures by one Professor Greg Beale of Westminster Theological Seminary. Beale is a member of the Evangelical Theological Society and the Tyndale Fellowship, and his style in reminiscent of a hyperactive used-car salesman trying to offload a Lada at a Tea Party convention. Talk about a steaming pile of Philippians 3:8! This is almost as big a faux pas on Jim's part as his evil and demon-inspired rant on cricket. Cricket, Jim, is what you Yanks missed out on by rebelling against God's ordained monarch (Rom. 13), good - if slightly mad - King George III, and thereby separating yourselves from the British Empire. And what did you get in return? An incomprehensible form of football that nobody cares about outside the US - good lord it's even worse than Aussie Rules! - and baseball. Baseball!

I have no explanation for Jim's lapses in judgement, other than perhaps to chalk it up to a Zwinglian infusion of Total Depravity.

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