Thursday, 24 March 2011

Saccharine moralism - crunching Numbers

Ouch! Deane Galbraith lands one on the theological nose. The treatment children's writers give the stories about Joshua - pulling faith rabbits out of a battered steel helmet - is just as profound as...

No, you really should read this post for yourself. The title is instructive in itself: How Genocide can Provide a Good Moral Example for Children. Even Martin Noth gets nobbled. It's a short piece that packs a punch.
"You’d think, by looking at the level of critical analysis [of Numbers 13-14]... that the authors of academic biblical commentaries get all their ideas from reading children’s story books."
All the effort by the tribe of apologists to make the problem go away by sleight of hand and academic façade can't stand up to the scrutiny you'd give a childrens picture book? Let's say it again: ouch!

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  1. Even though I sometimes question their silly ideas, I must add that some of my best friends are theologians.