Friday 6 May 2011

Apologists create Atheists

"... Christians need to get wise and stop accepting dishonest answers just because they're the kind of answers we'd like to hear. If our faith is such that we have to be dishonest in order to maintain it, then woe to us!"

"Christian apologists create atheists."

Thom Stark, Is God a Moral Compromiser, p. 132 


  1. The problem is, the more honest the answer, the more Christianity will loose honest Christians. So I understand their strategies.

  2. But isn't it always a choice between God and mammon?

    You serve God or you serve the banking industry.

  3. Exactly, Sabio.

    Ironically, part of the goal of apologetics seems to be to produce *dishonest* Christians. "Want to remain set in your beliefs? Here are arguments you can use to avoid honest inquiry and rational evaluation of evidence!"

  4. Ya know, I am somewhat in Buddhist circles, and I can see that there too. Though believism (salvation by belief) is not their gig, nonetheless "Right-View" is and people are very proud about their right-views.

    Funny how human we all tend to be.

  5. I'm assuming Blogger didn't let my comment through, since the rest of my comments were posted.

    Professing Christian apologists made me an atheist, whereas I was a sorta-kinda-agnostic-pantheist before. I do believe that trip into atheism was part of God's plan for me, however, as that kept my feet from the path of professing Christianity.