Sunday, 15 May 2011

The Bible Geek

Y'know, I don't care if Bob Price doesn't carry the Good Housekeeping seal of approval from some in the theological community. He's knowledgable, he's entertaining and, by golly, he's stimulating. What's more, his podcast, The Bible Geek, is now online and free to download. Nothing boring here! Here's the synopsis for May 9:
Might Mary "Magdalene" have been not just some whore but a temple "priestitute"? Might the "rib" God extracted from the man to form the woman have been intended as the bone in the penis that most mammals possess, but we don't? The story would explain why the man lost it. Is the vaunted "grammatico-historical method" of Luther, venerated by Protestants, actually fatal to biblical inspiration and authority? Can a traditional view of biblical inspiration accommodate critical source hypotheses (JEDP, etc.)?

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  1. See...Bob's got it all wrong. Here's the true story:

    There was this Essene apocalyptic preacher named John, called the baptizer, his student was named Jesus.

    To make a long story short, John got tossed in prison because of preaching the coming of "the Son of Man" from the book of Daniel and Enoch and scared ol' Herod half to death.

    Then Jesus picked up John's ministry and started preaching the same thing as John. However, Jesus' disciples thought that he meant that Jesus, himself, was the "Son of Man" in those apocalyptic books.

    Well, you see, the only way a son of man (human) could be brought before God's throne in heaven is for him to die and be resurrected and ascend into heaven.

    Sooooo, that's what happened - in the story, that is.