Tuesday 10 May 2011

Famine of the Word

WordPress user
Well, not quite. Blogger has had issues, and some of us have been unable to post until a few hours ago. Which just goes to prove that WordPress isn't alone in having bugs. I sat down last night to make a couple of observations on Matthew Flannagan's petulant comments regarding Deane Galbraith, but alas, Satan hindered the effort by striking down Blogger...

Oh well, the moment has passed. I do wonder, though, whether and when Matt is going to address the substantive issues that Thom Stark raises in his online review of the Copan travesty book.


  1. Let it be noted that the only issues I was having with WordPress, was that Blogger was treating the WordPress OpenID erratically at best, and neurotically, at worst.

    I never did wrap my head around the Blogger interface. Not to mention the fact that Google decided to publish some unlisted test blogs of mine, back when it first "launched" Buzz. Say what you will, of WordPress, at least they're a lot better with privacy issues, than Google ever was, or ever will be.

  2. I'd missed those petulant comments, Gavin, so thanks for letting me know about them. I'd say something in reply, but it's probably better just to let them wallow in their own excrement.

  3. Am I understanding Matt right that he made his response to me without even reading Tim McGrew's original paper?

    Matt: "Ryan I have not read Tim’s particular article, but from what I have heard from Tim, I think Deane’s question begging accusation fails."


  4. Velvet, the WordPress comment was meant to be humorous.

  5. I fully realized the remark was intended to be humourous, Gavin (the picture was a very subtle hint). I had no intentions of killing the joke, sorry! :-)