Saturday 21 May 2011

Disappointment? What disappointment?

Here in Rongotea, where I'm "camping out," it's approaching 10 AM on Judgment Day, hallelujah! News is already coming in of an early sighting of Jesus over Dunedin. (Personally, I'd avoid Dunedin like the plague today, full as it is of the damnable relics of pestiferous Presbyterianism.) New Zealand is the first major country up on the timetable of wrath, so those of you lucky beggars in the USA should have a clear 'heads up' - and an opportunity for last-minute knees-down, hands-upraised repenting as the wave of destruction begins its inexorable march across the planet.

To aid you in coming to terms with the great event, why not zip across to the Everything Dies blog. Yeah, I know the title is a bit of a downer, but let's face it, it's a good day for sobriety. There you'll learn about Harold Camping's more successful forerunner, William Miller, and what happened when his predictions kept coming up empty. To add to the motivation, the tale is told in comic strip format. Brilliant. I mean, would you have time to read an academic treatise on the subject today before you get "caught up" (or "put down".)


  1. Bearing false witness still is one of the commandments, you know. :-/

  2. No, Richard, the commandment clearly says not to bear false witness.

  3. From Wiki, on the public's reaction to the Millerites 1844 false prophecy:

    "There were also the instances of violence—a Millerite church burned in Ithaca and two vandalized in Dansville and Scottsville. In Loraine, a mob attacked the Millerite congregation with clubs and knives, while a group in Toronto was tarred and feathered. Shots were fired at another Canadian group meeting in a private house." (Source: George R. Knight, Millennial Fever and the End of the World, Boise, ID: Pacific Press, 1993, 222-223.)

    Hm. So. Who was more at fault? Those who were deceived by a false prophet? Or those who never believed in the first place, seeking such violent and bloody "retribution"?

  4. Yes, Deane - that's what I meant. Thank you.

    BTW, wasn't the 1844 disappointment in October?