Monday, 23 May 2011


After a monogamous relationship with the KJB for so many centuries, when will the English-speaking Christian community stop its promiscuous affairs with so many Bible translations?

The "Rev. Dr." Peter Carrell
A Personage of some significance in the Anglican Church in New Zealand
Writing in Anglican Taonga.

Dear, sweet lord, where to begin with this one?


  1. I'm still holding out for the bible in the original Klingon. Anything else is a horrible mistranslation.

    Speaking from a completely cynical point of view, I wonder how many clergy actually want the bible translated so that everybody can understand exactly what the scriptures say?

    Not only would it expose much of the nonsense therein, but it would also lessen the need to have someone explain what it says and/or means.

  2. "I'm still holding out for the bible in the original Klingon."

    You watched Trekkies during the Star Trek marathon on Space this weekend, I take, it Baywolfe? The KLI has already translated Hamlet, after all.

    Q'apLa! (It's been a while, I've probably lost my accent.)

  3. And then there's the Chronicle Project, which translates the OT using the primitive Hebrew characters themselves as a error self-correcting code. Reads similarly, but more SCIFI-ish...