Tuesday, 3 May 2011

A Dog's Breakfast

Three quotes from two biblioblogs.

Quote 1 (from Steve Wiggins): "In some sense, the KJV also represents the origins of Protestant movement."
Comment: What!? More damn Anglo-myopia! No wait, the absence of the definite article before 'Protestant' may mean Bob intends a scatological reference, in which case there may be some merit in the statement...

Quote 2 (from Jim West, quoting Robert Cargill): "Eugene Peterson’s ‘The Message’ is a complete abomination of the entire concept of ‘scripture.’  It should never be read in a classroom or public worship setting. Ever."
Comment: Amen!

Quote 3 (from Jim West himself): "John Piper: The New Pat Robertson."
Comment: see Quote 2.

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