Saturday 21 May 2011

Counter conundrum

The question of the hour. What will Family Radio do with its website counter. What happens on the other side of zero? After all, "the Bible guarantees it", so what's a Bible guarantee worth? Can people get a refund?


  1. We all knew it was a farce, a tragic case of an inflated ego that caused yet another minister inspired and schooled in Armstrongism to generate yet another prophetic error.

    Somehow, he probably hoped the day would never come - and, lo and behold, this IS the day he predicted.

    The world is not ending today, and tomorrow is reckoning day for minions of errant theology such as Mister Harold Camping - yet another wannabe-apostle who took the money from so-called "faithfuls" and spent it in a useless quest for a fantasy to come through...

  2. Perhaps a page from the Worldwide Church of God/Herbert Armstrong playbook will be used. When the long awaited prophesied German attack on America didn't materialize as predicted for years in January, 1972, the Church and the Apostle of God Armstrong simply ignored the passing.

    When the brethren began talking amongst themselves (the silence from Pasadena was deafening), Armstong issued a co-worker letter stating the true significance of January, 1972. Instead of bombs dropping on America, mass death, mayhem, great tribulation, Armstrong announced the true significance of January, 1972 was God's opening the doors of advertising in Readers Digest!

    I am sure Harold Camping will do his own version of the playbook page taken from Herbert Armstrong in 1972.

    Lake of Fire Church of God

  3. It's higher math: The square root of a negative one -- imaginary numbers.

    So the countdown is less than zero (along with the false prophet). So what? Imaginary numbers are useful. After all, they are used in quantum mechanics and string theory.

    Some how though, I just can't imagine Harold Camping and the Armstrongists being all that scientific. Can you?

    Speaking of bad math, I have a question for those proponents of British Israelism who base all their false prophecies on it. See now, there are no fewer than six tribes of Israel mentioned in the New Testament. I'll leave everyone to find who they are -- prove all things, like the Bereans and all that.

    Here's my problem: I can't subtract 6 from the 12 original tribes and come up with 10 lost tribes of Israel. I've even tried octal and hexadecimal.

    Can anyone help me?

    I'd say that if I'm right about this (can there be any doubt if you've checked up on what I just said?), then all of Armstrongism has just been disproved, Herbert Armstrong was a false prophet (along with Roderick Meredith and his ilk) and the non necessity of paying 3 tithes on wages (which is not supported in Scripture anywhere -- look it up) stands irrefutible, making it impossible to fund attendance of the Feasts.

    [/end smug mode]

  4. At least you were able to call it up. has been down all morning for me - and I was assuming scoffers had hacked it.

    A source inside Family Radio has told me Harold Camping signed memos for production of programs to continue beyond this weekend. For international broadcasts, that could be up to six weeks.

    (First posted 18 May at )

    It's 2011, so someone in the U.S. is likely to sue Harold Camping and Family Radio over all this.

    I'm not going to "guarantee" anything, but I can envision the ministry shrinking fast and selling stations at fire-sale prices from a lack of donations and legal complications.

  5. I have a question: Where is Harold Camping today?

  6. Perform an electronic search of all the available versions of the Holy Bibile and we see May 21 2011 is not in the bible. So how can Camping say "the bible guarantees it"? Sorry Harold, the bible does not guarantee it.

    Harold Camping is a liar. A rich liar.

  7. @Douglas: Mr. Camping's Friday night usually-live talk show was a rerun. He took advantage of the "paid holiday" I'm told all Family Radio staffers received Friday.

    Mr. Camping told some reporter he'd be at home today, monitoring news reports of the great disaster. At this point (5pm U.S. ET), he may be thinking the entire world news media have conspired to cover it up.

    Hopefully SFO-OAK news trucks are outside his home -- watching.

  8. "...another minister inspired and schooled in Armstrongism..."

    Say what?! I was under the impression Camping's group were fairly standard Evangelicals, and I wasn't aware they/he had ever had any contact with the WCG; Henrik, can you clarify?

  9. singsongsofpraisetohim > Camping was not formally a member of the WCG, but when you look at his theology he picked and chose much from Armstrongism.

    He had the idea of collegial leadership in contrast to the control-theology of Armstrongism, but his fascination with date-setting was inspired fully by his time in California. I think it is very visible he grabbed an open niche - and Armstrongism is part of his "inspiration"...