Saturday, 10 October 2015

Whatever happened to The Plain Truth?

What a great job Greg Albrecht has done with The Plain Truth.

Remember The Plain Truth? It used to be a magazine. Now it's more like a supermarket mailer, a mere eight pages long, and only six issues a year. Maybe Greg has guilty nightmares about retaining that name as PTM (Plain Truth Ministries) seems to have starved The Plain Truth in favour of a new quarterly "flagship magazine" with the engaging title CWR Magazine.

In the current PT Greg announces yet another "great leap backwards".
Last month we stopped airing audio broadcasts of Christianity Without Religion on several radio stations in the United States. We continue to broadcast on several other radio stations, and we have added a new station in Northern Ireland. We were able to use the funds we used to pay for airtime on the cancelled radio stations to accept an offer for our sermons as well as other resources to appear on OnePlace hosts a wide variety of Christian ministries, enabling people around the world to find and listen to many radio and web sermons and messages. We are encouraged by the number of new readers/listeners/visitors we have received thus far from OnePlace.
Great spin, but there's a stunning lack of detail... "several radio stations", "several other". No listing of stations anywhere on the site either. What it all seems to mean is "cost cutting time".

So now Greg is sandwiched in with Dobson, MacArthur, Swindoll, Ham, Jeremiah, Warren, Ankerberg, Hanegraaf, and those inimitable banana boys Kirk Cameron & Ray Comfort, among others. In short, every foul and unclean bird in the evangelical aviary. Ironic then that Greg proclaims in his October partner (i.e. co-worker) letter: "AS CHRIST-FOLLOWERS, WE ARE VOLUNTEER CHANGE-MAKERS, JOINING TOGETHER TO OPPOSE CHRIST-LESS, BIG BUSINESS RELIGION."

And yes, the upper case yelling is in the original. Clearly you can take the evangelist out of the WCG, but not the WCG out of the evangelist. Check it out - if only to keep your disgust fresh.

Nice though (and a tad ironic) that he has another former Worldwide Church of God evangelist for company over at OnePlace; Ron Dart (Born to Win), where it seems they're not all that choosy about whose cheques they bank.


  1. If he's as good as he says he is, then he should challenge Ken Humphries or Richard Carrier to a debate on the historicity of the Gospels?

  2. An irrelevant waste of time. If you want mainstream Christianity, there's a local group in your neighborhood near you, with enough variety to satisfy almost any taste.